School bus driver cited in Rogers crash

By Aaron Brom
[email protected]

A school bus driver has been cited for property damage following a rear-end crash in Rogers involving two passenger cars Tuesday, Sept. 12.

A Rogers police officer responded to the crash the intersection of Main Street and Diamond Lake Road S. Officer determined that the driver of the bus was distracted and rear-ended a car that was stopped at the intersection, and the car was pushed into another car.

All three vehicles were damaged and required to be towed. The first car that was hit by the bus had the front airbag deploy. The drivers of the two cars reported minor back and neck pain, but refused medical attention.

The driver of the bus said that he could not stop in time after seeing the car ahead of him. The bus video was reviewed and it appeared that the bus driver may have been fatigued and he was seen looking down at the floor prior to the crash- taking his eyes off the road for periods of time.

A Commercial Vehicle Investigative unit was called to the scene to inspect the bus and driver. The CVI will complete an inspection report. A copy of the bus video will be collected and stored for evidence.

Two other passenger cars damaged and required tow. Bus towed and inspected by MSP/CVI. Two other drivers had neck/back pain with possible injuries.

Police said the bus driver, Paul Belden, 44, was believed to be fatigued and was not paying attention to the road when the crash happened.