Maple Grove asking for input on its parks, recreation

The city of Maple Grove is currently working on updating a plan for its parks and recreation system.

The Parks and Recreation System Plan is a document in which the definition and summary of community expectations and goals for the parks and recreation facilities and services are provided. The plan also contains a 10 to 20 year vision and guide for the city’s parks, recreation, natural areas and trails. Finally, the plan includes prioritized actions to ensure the parks and recreation system meets community needs now and later on in the future.

“The plan will be part of the city’s comprehensive plan, which is updated each decade to respond to new demographics, changing trends, and increasing growth and development,” according to the city.

Now through Sept. 8, the city is asking residents and visitors to share their thoughts about the parks and recreational facilities and services offered. The city’s website said residents can “help plan for the future of parks and recreation.”

There are two options for providing input. Both options can be found on the city’s website at under Parks and Recreation.

The first option is “Park System Questionnaire.” The questionnaire takes less than five minutes to complete.

The second option is a “Social Pinpoint App,” which allows people to use an interactive map to provide comments at specific park locations.

Maple Grove’s Park and Recreation Department guides park-related procedures and services, and operates the Maple Grove Community Center, Central Park, Town Green and other parks and trails. According to the city’s website, the department has over 40 full-time employees and hundreds of seasonal employees.

The Maple Grove Park Board staff and park planners will be working on developing and completing the plan over the coming months. Additional comments will be gathered throughout the winter months to combine with public input for draft recommendations and priorities.

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