Brews for Brooklyn? Planning Commission recommends approval of brewery

By Kevin Miller
[email protected]

The Brooklyn Park Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend the City Council approve a conditional use permit for Blue Wolf Brewing Company for a brewery and taproom at 8515 Edinburgh Centre Drive at its Aug. 9 meeting.
The brewery would be located between Jackson Hewit and Broadway Pizza. If approved, it will be Brooklyn Park’s first taproom, occupying 1,700 feet in the Edinburgh Festival Centre.

Blue Wolf Brewing Company is proposing a brewery and taproom at 8515 Edinburgh Centre Drive, next to Broadway Pizza. (Photo by Kevin Miller)

Food would not be served at the taproom. Customers would be allowed to bring in food from other establishments, however. There are several restaurants near to the location. Food trucks could also potentially visit the brewery.
Taprooms, which are popular across the Twin Cities, are not legally allowed to sell any alcohol or beer that was not brewed on the site. The brewery has not proposed any canning or bottling on the site. Growlers, a 64-ounce bottle of beer, would be available to take home.
While it might not be built immediately, the brewery has proposed to build a patio in front of the building.
Currently, the owners are proposing to have the taproom open Thursdays though Sundays.
Some commissioners spoke enthusiastically about the addition of a taproom to the city.
Commissioner Carol Vosberg said she was excited about the prospect of a taproom in this location. Other taprooms in the northeast suburbs have been successful and have not caused crime or other issues for the city, she said.
“We go to a lot of the taprooms and breweries around the community, and they’re always extremely enjoyable,” she said.
Commissioner Amy Hanson also spoke in favor of the application. Hanson said she often plans events at taprooms in Minneapolis for her job.
“It’s a great place for businesses to hold events,” she said. “It’s, I think, a great addition to our city.”
The building would have a max capacity of 74 people.
Resident Patty Metzger, who lives near the proposed location, spoke in opposition to the taproom. She said that she was concerned about having an establishment that only serves alcohol and not food, particularly if those people will be driving on 85th Avenue. The patio could also pose issues if customers do not pick up their trash, she said.
This proposal will come before the City Council Aug. 28. However, if approved by the council, the taproom and brewery would still need to go through licensing procedures through both the state and the city before the taproom could open.