Champlin approves homes for land west of Douglas Drive

By Megan Hopps
[email protected]

The Champlin City Council approved the final plans for an 11-lot single family subdivision Monday, Aug. 14.
The 4.6 acre site is located west of Douglas Drive and north of 110th Lane. According to City Planner Scott Schulte, site preparation work is complete but, before the city can move forward with street paving and utility work, a few more approvals were required. Those items were: a second reading rezoning the land from residential agricultural to single family residential; approving the final plan for The Cove at Brittany Park and; approving final plans for the 11-lot subdivision.
The current plans call for lots that are slightly smaller than city standards, but are in keeping with the neighborhood. The plans call for setback and lot dimension variances as well as a landscaping and trail plan. Lots in the subdivision will be fully sodded and irrigated. One over-story tree will planted in each front yard and backyard landscaping will be provided as part of the landscaping plan. The developer plans to pave an 8-foot wide trail connecting to an existing trail in Weidema Estates Third Addition to another existing trail along Douglas Drive. “Pedestrian trails are a key part of Champlin’s residential fabric,” Schulte said.
Homes will incorporate varying amounts of brick or masonry, use compatible colors with existing homes, use hip and gable style roofing, vary the placement of garages and use built-out or extended entrances. The majority of the homes in the subdivision will be split entry and split entry walk-out style lots.
“For the purpose of creating a desirable neighborhood appearance, no more than two homes with the same exterior configuration will be erected on any adjoining lots,” Schulte said.
The site abuts a chain link fence to the condominium development to the north. A tree line will be planted along the property line as a buffer and the chain link fence will be removed as part of the development.
Additionally, the development includes storm water facilities and is being constructed within a 60-foot wide power line easement. This will restrict the structures that can be built in the area as well as the types of plantings buyers can use for landscaping. While 50 percent of the healthy trees on site will be removed, the proposed landscape plan reforests the site with native tree species such as oak, maple and evergreen.
The development will be accessed from 110th Lane and will end by way of a cul-de-sac. The new street will be named 111th Circle North.
The plans call for the installation of three streetlights within the subdivision.