Maple Grove Lions partner with lake association for improved water quality

The Maple Grove Lions recently teamed up with the Fish Lake Area Resident’s Association to help fund the Fish Lake Adopt-A-Drain program.

The Adopt-A-Drain project is an integral part of Fish Lake Area Resident’s Association’s effort to reduce further nutrient loading into Fish Lake. This effort will contribute to the success and the long term effectiveness of the alum treatment scheduled for the fall of 2017. The Adopt-A-Drain project starts with the distribution of 4,500 door hangers to the households in the Fish Lake Watershed. The households volunteering to monitor and regularly clean the storm sewer drains (or multiple drains) will have a lawn sign designating this effort to increase neighborhood awareness on the importance of keeping streets clean of all debris. There is ongoing support to the volunteers with an adoption packet containing tip sheets for talking to the neighborhood, seasonal tips, weather related and for reporting the volunteer’s efforts.

This program improves the watershed awareness of people at several different levels:

• Education and engagement of 20 young volunteers whom will be distributing the door hangers

• Awareness to 4,500 homes who receive the door hanger promoting the program

• Further education and engagement of the 200 residents and their families that volunteer to adopt a drain

• Neighborhood awareness through yard signs of the adopters sparking curiosity and over-the-fence discussions

The data management will help Fish Lake Area Resident’s Association measure the actual debris removal from the adopted drains and the resulting reduction of nutrient loading. Fish Lake Area Resident’s Association will record all of the actual cost, effort and measurements of success to use as a pilot project for the city of Maple Grove in 2018 as well as other communities within the Elm Creek Watershed Management Commission if interested.