Corcoran gets year extension for considering park land purchase

Corcoran Police Officer Jesse Olson displays the plaque he received from the city of Corcoran in recognition for his 10 years of service to the city. The presentation took place at the July 13 Corcoran City Council meeting. Corcoran City Councilor Jon Bottema applauds. (Sun Press photo by Susan Van Cleaf)

The Corcoran City Council, Thursday, July 13, took action to gain the city more time in which to consider whether or not to purchase all or portions of the 124-acre Roehlke farm property for potential use as a regional park and youth sports complex.

The council authorized Mayor Ron Thomas and City Administrator Brad Martens to sign an agreement with the Roehlke family and their attorney to extend for one year the time period during which the city can exercise options to purchase farm property located east of County Road 19 near County Road 10.

Corcoran has held options to purchase parts of the farm for recreational uses since April 2012, when the city purchased some of the acreage for the Public Works Facility. The options were due to expire by October of this year. The new expiration deadline is October 2018.

Three options are on the table. Option One pertains to the 45.5-acre balance of the west farm and would cost $598,000 plus two percent interest per year from June 1, 2014. The Public Works Facility sits on a portion of the west farm. Option Two involves paying $520,000 plus twopercent interest per year from June 1, 2014 for the 38-acre south half of the east farm. Option Three involves paying $520,000 plus two percent interest per year from June 1, 2014 for the 38-acre north half of the east farm.

The City Council also took up other business on July 13. Here are meeting highlights.


The council voted to contract with RevTrak for provision of credit card services that could be used by people conducting financial transactions with the city. City staff is considering a soft roll out of services, starting with utility customers in August and September and continuing with other city departments in October.

Administrative Services Coordinator Jessica Beise said the city could include marketing materials from RevTrak in July utility bills and the October city newsletter.

Beise recommended that Corcoran cancel Corcoran’s agreement with Pay Services Network under which PSN was to have provided credit card processing services. She said Corcoran has experienced delays with PSN in getting the city’s system up and running. The council followed her recommendation and voted to cancel the agreement.

Under the new service, Corcoran will absorb transaction fees for charges under $100. City staff will assess a 3.49 percent transaction fee as a convenience fee minus the $3.49 for the first $100.


The City Council directed city staff to enter into an agreement under which Corcoran Police can participate in the Automated Property System.

Police Chief Matt Gottschalk said APS tracks sales to pawn shops and scrap businesses in participating jurisdictions across the state in order to identify and recover stolen property. He was not aware of any such businesses in Corcoran. However, APS will enable Corcoran Police to search these transactions across the state.

Medina Police used their APS capability to help Corcoran Police to solve the case of a fraudulent purchase made at A-1 Outdoor Power. Someone pawned the item in St. Paul.


Mayor Thomas presented a plaque to Corcoran Police Officer Jesse Olson and thanked him for his 10 years of service to the city.


The City Council also approved a charitable gambling license for the Hope Chest for Breast Cancer BreastFest, set for Sept. 16 at 20439 County Road 10, Corcoran. The license will enable the Shoulak family to hold a silent auction at their backyard music festival. The event raises money for local charities and celebrates six years during which Judy Shoulak has been free of breast cancer.


The council authorized the city of Corcoran to continue to cooperate with Hennepin County in the Urban Hennepin County Community Development Block Grant Program for fiscal years 2018 – 2020.