St. Michael, Albertville, Otsego, Rogers top ‘safest cities’

Four cities in the area have topped a list of the “100 Safest Cities in Minnesota,” according to

Topping off the list are St. Michael at number one, Albertville at number three, Otsego at number 7 and Rogers at number 10.

St. Michael City Administrator Steve Bot said, “On behalf of the City of St. Michael, we’d like to express our sincere appreciation for this tremendous recognition as the #1 safest City in Minnesota. We are very proud of the safe community we have and being recognized for this is particularly gratifying to all the people associated with St. Michael who made this possible.”

According to LendEDU, a number of factors play a role in deciding which neighborhood is the best to settle down in.

Does this town have a good education system? Is the overall cost of living within my means? Am I going to enjoy the weather here? Are there enough things to do and places to eat to keep me entertained? Is this a place where I could see myself living?

All things considered, perhaps the most important parameter when deciding where someone wants to live is the safety of the town.

The newest report recognizes the safest towns and cities in each state in the U.S.

“Using licensed data, we gathered the total crime risk score for every single town in the country. This score represents the combined risk of rape, murder, assault, robbery, burglary, larceny, and vehicle theft compared to the national average of 100,” LendEDU said.

If a city posted a total crime risk score of 200 it meant that place had twice the risk of crime compared to the national average. Or, a city that recorded a score of 50 had half the risk of crime compared to the national average. A lower crime risk score meant a safer community.

Cities that made the top of their state’s list had the highest negative difference from the national average; a higher negative difference meant a lower crime risk score, which meant a safer town.


  • littlesuzi

    No huge apartment buildings in st Michael yet. but they are trying to dneak some in to Hanover.