Rogers Police make arrest in mail theft case; worked with Wright Sheriff, Maple Grove Police

An undercover night operation has led to the arrest in Rogers of an adult female from Anoka for mail theft.

Rogers Police Chief Jeff Beahen said his department has been working with Wright County Sheriff’s Office and Maple Grove Police, as similar mail theft incidents have been occurring in Rogers, St. Michael and Maple Grove. Maple Grove also made a recent arrest of a mail thief, and it’s unknown if the two suspects were working together.

“We started getting reports from the St. Michael area, Maple Grove area and all throughout Rogers,” Beahen said. “We started getting reports of mostly mailbox losses, from in-going and outgoing mail. A half dozen vehicles or so were broken into. Passports, IDs, and checks from mail or inside cars were taken.”

Mailed license plates were also stolen, he said, “and lots of personal information was obtained, credit card applications, etc.”

Wednesday night, May 4, Rogers officers had staked out an area and saw a suspicious van driving in the neighborhoods.

“We stopped the van and took into custody a 37-year-old female from Anoka who is wanted on felony warrants for narcotics and other crimes,” Beahen said. “She was caught with stolen mail and gave a false name. She was taken into custody, and we recovered a lot of stolen mail and property taken from all three cities.”

Beahen said identification was compromised from eight individuals. He warned the public to be alert about their mail.

“Get the mail out of your box as soon as possible, or even better, purchase a locked box,” he said. “Your ID is sitting there, all kinds of things. Let’s be smart.”

Himself a mail theft victim several years ago, Beahen said he purchased a locked box. “This is a crime hitting the entire state. It’s back in criminal fashion and related to the drug epidemic.”

The suspect indicated that she has worked with others in the past. Beahen said the male arrested by Maple Grove is a repeat offender.

Names of the suspects were not yet released, pending charges.

“ID theft will put a crimp in your life,” Beahen said. “You’ll have to close accounts, report your ID to Social Security. It’s a life changing moment for people. You don’t realize how intrusive mail theft can be.”

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