Keep essential health benefits

To the Editor:

I recently learned that House Dist. 34B Rep. Dennis Smith voted early in the legislative session for a bill that would allow health insurance companies to choose not to cover pregnant women, post-birth care, newborns, and 30-plus other health issues covered by Minnesota Statutes 62A and 62Q once the federal Republicans take action to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
With Representative Smith’s vote to allow exclusions as “Insurance Market Reforms,” Osseo families and others on the health care markets would pay more to cover these and other health conditions than we do now. Fortunately, the anti-family language was removed in a conference committee before becoming law — thank you for that.
Yet the fact that Rep. Smith would vote for this bill gives me great concern about the values he represents in Osseo and Maple Grove. Osseo intends to welcome young families to this town and care about their wellbeing, just as its long-timer residents have been and are cared for.
His support of dismantling essential health benefits is wrong for Dist. 34B residents and wrong for Minnesota family values.

Diana Lahd,