Met Council approves $7 million for Brockton interchange

The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) to the Metropolitan Council has granted $208 million in federal funds to various road, rail and pedestrian projects in the metro.

Among those projects is the I-94/Brockton interchange on the border of Dayton and Rogers. The TAB allocated funds based on a process they call The Solicitation. City’s apply for their projects to be considered. The board then awards points to city’s based on various factors.

“We received points for things like our new apartment building among other things,” said Dayton Mayor Tim McNeil. “Additionally, we have hired experts to work on the application process. As a result of the past few years of effort, we scored third on the list of projects.”

The TAB allocated $7 million to the project — the most any project can be awarded. It is estimated that the project will cost approximately $34 million. The city of Rogers has committed $1.5 million to the project.

The city of Dayton will be responsible for matching 20 percent to 30 percent of the total cost of the project, up to $10.2 million.

“This money is hugely important,” McNeil said. “This $7 million, along with the pledge we have from Rogers sets up Dayton extremely well for future state and federal funding applications.”

The board selected transportation projects throughout the region as part of the Regional Solicitation, a competitive process where federal funds are allocated to local governments, state agencies, and transit providers for the purpose of funding regional transportation needs. They received 150 applications and was able to allocate funds to 58 projects for local highway, bridge, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian projects in all seven counties of the region; in 45 different cities and townships.

Design plans have not yet been shared with the public. Construction will likely not take place until all or most of the funding is secured.

“We have never been closer to success than we are now,” McNeil said. “I want to thank staff for their diligent work as well as this council and prior councils for their vision and tenacity. If this project gets approved it will start Dayton on a wild ride. No longer will we be the place that ‘you can’t get to from here.’”