LETTER: Congrats to Maple Grove

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Maple Grove for being named second in Money Magazine’s “Top 50 Places to Live in America.” As the city said on their website, “we couldn’t be more honored.”

At CROSS Services, we have had the opportunity to serve Maple Grove and the surrounding communities for nearly 40 years. We have watched it change, grow, and continually come together as a strong, vibrant community. The honor Maple Grove received is well deserved — and we’re proud to be part of a community that not only is a great place to live, but one where community members pull together to take care of their neighbors.  Its residents have such a strong community spirit that hundreds of them volunteer supporting CROSS, as well as many other area organizations, schools, and religious institutions.

Thank you to all those in the community that continue to make Maple Grove one of the top places to live in America — and congratulations!

Elizabeth Johnson

CROSS Services, Executive Director