Tolerance: A positive or negative behavior?

To the Editor,

The gay activist community has called for tolerance of those who practice homosexual behavior. Virtually everyone agrees that we should be tolerant and kind toward everyone. The Anoka-Hennepin Anti-Bullying Task Force, however, has taken this to a new level in the recommendations that they presented to the Anoka-Hennepin School Board.

Recommendation #3 should concern us all:  “Honor and celebrate the contributions of diverse people and families in our community, country and world, including the LGBT community. Recognize, affirm and assess specific LGBT activities….Continue to support student-led Gay Straight Alliance clubs… Host school-related family nights for diverse populations…Create public displays honoring LGBT history month each October.” This goes far beyond tolerance.

According to the Safe Schools Manual, the ‘bible’ for gay activists, teachers are encouraged to use the Riddle Scale for judging and shaping attitudes regarding LGBT. In their words, if you are in the “tolerance” category, you “aren’t yet in a place of support for all students.”

Tolerance is now considered to be a negative attitude. Tolerance was only the starting point to get everyone onboard. Now this fast-moving train is heading in another direction. According to the Safe Schools Manual, the desired positive attitudes are:  support, admiration, appreciation, and nurturance.

Where is the tolerance for those who disagree with normalizing homosexuality?  A major reason that many disagree is the Centers for Disease Control men who have sex with men (MSM) statistics:

“Most gay and bisexual men acquire HIV through anal sex…”

“…the rate of new HIV diagnoses among MSM in the United States is more than 44 times that of other men (range:  522-989 per 100,000 MSM vs. 12 per 100,000 other men).”

“In 2010 young gay and bisexual men (aged 13-24 years) accounted for 72% of new HIV infections…”

“YMSM aged 13-24 years had the greatest percentage increase in diagnosed HIV infections of all age groups.” (Young MSM includes middle and high school years)

Are we to “honor and celebrate” this very dangerous behavior in our schools?

Please respectfully let the Anoka-Hennepin School Board members know how you feel about recommendation #3.


Barb Anderson