Worker in Rogers injured in forklift accident

An employee was injured in a forklift accident Friday afternoon, June 6, at 13175 George Weber Dr. in Rogers.

Officers were dispatched to a forklift accident occurring at a business. Initial reports were a party sustained a crush type injury while backing the forklift.

Officers located the employee seated on the base of the stand cab in the forklift. He was semi-conscious, responsive to noise. He had a pulse and was feeling in all extremities.

Rogers Fire arrived and assisted in stabilizing the victim on a long board. There was no witness to the actual incident. Nearby coworkers heard the victim screaming and found him pinned between the forward cab and shelving crossbar, and the victim complained of back pain.

The bar was removed at which point the subject slid down to the position where officers found him. He was transported by ambulance to North Memorial Medical Center.