Maple Grove police, investigators complete search of farm in Pagnac case

The search for 1989 missing person Amy Sue Pagnac continued again last week.

After 25 years since Amy went missing, Maple Grove police have recently reopened the case by searching property in Maple Grove. A second search began at a farm owned by Amy’s family in Isanti County Monday, June 2 and concluded Friday, June 6.

Pagnac was 13 when she went missing from an Osseo Holiday Gas Station in 1989. She and her father Marshal Midden stopped at the gas station on the way home from a visit to the family’s organic farm near Cambridge. According to Midden, Amy waited in the car while he went inside to use the restroom. Midden reported upon returning to his car that Amy had disappeared. Amy has never been seen again.

A search warrant executed last week by the Maple Grove Police Department, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Isanti County Sheriff’s Office, and the FBI, was issued to search the farm near the 3700 block of Verdin Street N.W. In Isanti County

This is the second warrant acted on by the Maple Grove Police Department in the last few weeks. The first was to search the family’s home on the 9700 block of Hemlock Lane in Maple Grove.

Authorities wouldn’t give specifics on the warrant or what lead to the search because it is an active investigation, Maple Grove Police Captain Keith Terlinden said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon outside the Isanti County Sheriff’s office.

Law enforcement, the BCA and other agencies started a search of the Stanchfield property excavating the property and searched farm areas.

Terlinden said they are going to continue to work to bring Pagnac home.

“This is a continuous effort on the Maple Grove Police Department to bring Amy Home,” Terlinden said in a press conference Tuesday afternoon. “We’re Amy’s voice, and we’re going to continue to work hard to bring Amy home, no matter what it takes. Every day that goes by, I think we’re closer to finding Amy. We have technology available to us. We have teams available to us that have lead to us being able for us to do a search warrant up here.”


Urmila Ramakrishnan, Isanti County News, contributed to this story.