Maple Grove takes action to approve huge retail/apartment site

The Maple Grove City Council considered the Tricare development’s planned unit development (PUD) concept stage plan at its Monday, June 2 meeting.



City Planner Peter Vickerman told the council the applicant was requesting a PUD concept stage plan approval for a mixed use development located north of County Road 30 and west of Menard’s. The project site is just under 94 acres in size, with 53.5 acres of upland and 40.2 acres of wetland.

Vickerman added there was a Tree Preservation Overlay District in the southwest portion of the site adjacent to the wetland area. Any tree removal for development shall be subject to the requirements in the zoning code. Much of this tree zone is also in a wetland buffer and staff is generally not too concerned about the applicant being able to meet the requirements of the ordinance, according to Vickerman.

Previously, this site received concept plan approval in 2006 for the proposed Tri-Care Hospital, but the plan expired when the state did not approve it as the Maple Grove Hospital.

Vickerman said the plan would include: 84,000 square feet of retail use in five buildings, 167,700 square feet of office use in six buildings (two buildings would be two stories high) and 165 apartment units in three buildings that will be three-stories high.

The proposal of the project would extend Garland Lane North and 96th Avenue N. meeting at a roundabout in the center of the southern portion of the site.

The applicant is also proposing to fill wetlands, but any wetland fill would require approval from city engineering staff. Vickerman said staff is comfortable with how the applicant is proposing to fill the wetlands.

Ken Streeter, the applicant, said he didn’t agree with one item from the park department. “There shouldn’t be collection of Park Dedication [Fees] on wetland buffers,” he said. “People may not be familiar with the wetland buffer, we have to average 40 feet of land between the wetland and before we can develop anything … If we’re going to conceptually approve this, I’d like to be sure that we’re conceptually approving that wetland buffers are not part of the Park Dedication requirements because there is nothing we can do with it.”

Mayor Mark Steffenson asked what the city has done with buffer zones in the past. Community Development Director Dick Edwards stated wetland buffer zones are not exempt from those fees.

Streeter said another issue he had was with the Tree Zone and having to pay Park Dedication Fees on this area, where they won’t be able to develop. Vickerman said the Tree Zone is part of the developable area and fees would have to be paid.

Steffenson asked when the Park Dedication Fees need to be paid, now or when project is developed. Vickerman said fees are paid when the final plat is released. Steffenson added, “With respect to the issues raised by Mr. Streeter regarding the Park Dedication Fees … I think that is something we should leave for a later date.”

The council unanimously directed the city attorney to draft a resolution approving the PUD concept stage plan of Tricare, subject to the applicant addressing to the satisfaction of the city any remaining applicable comments from city staff.



In other action, the council:

APPROVED the temporary permits to construct of the Highway 610 expansion over city-owned parcels of land.

APPROVED the hiring of Debra Sisneros to the position of administrative secretary- public works/engineering at an annual salary of $46,088 effective June 9, subject to a 12-month probationary period.

CANCELLED the Monday, July 7, meeting of the City Council.