Rogers Police report high-speed motorcycle incident

RogPoliceBadgeRogers Police officers overheard Sherburne County Sherriff’s Department pursuing a vehicle Sunday, May 25, southbound Hwy. 169 near Elk River.

Officers requested dispatch to contact the Department to gather further information. Officer continued to monitor the incident and overheard the Deputy terminate the pursuit due to high speeds, over 140 miles per hour. Dispatch received information about the suspect and vehicle. They described the vehicle as a white motorcycle with yellow stripes and a helmet attached to the rear of the bike. They described the driver as caucasian male and no helmet.

Officers continued to monitor the traffic on Main Street at 147th Avenue and located a possible motorcycle matching the description. The Officer activated the emergency lights to safely make a U-turn and then turned them off. The motorcycle took off at a high rate of speed down westbound 147th Avenue. The bike continued at a high rate of speed down southbound Northdale Boulevard. When the Officer turned onto Northdale Boulevard, the bike was at the 141st Avenue intersection making a right hand turn.

The bike never stopped for the stop sign. Another Officer was near the location and stated he never saw the vehicle on westbound 141st Avenue. Officers believed the vehicle turned off in the Sunnyside residential area or the Hampstead Residential Area. Officers searched the area, but were unable to locate the bike. The motorcycle is described to be a machine silver, with light blue stripes across the gas tank and a white helmet with black and yellow stripes strapped to the right side of the bike. The motorcycle could possibly be a Honda or Suzuki.

The male driving the bike was a younger male in his early 20s with sandy brown short hair and thin in built. The driver was wearing a dark gray t-shirt with light blue denim jeans. At no point did the officers pursue the motorcycle.