Rogers Police respond to trashed hotel room

A Rogers hotel is reporting that one of its rooms was completely destroyed.

Rogers Police were called to a business property damage incident Sunday, March 16, at the

21100 block of 134th Ave.

Officer was provided a copy of the agreement signed by the responsible party (suspect). Officer observed the room that was destroyed. The two bed sets were completely ripped apart and in pieces.  The room was also littered with alcohol containers. Officer observed numerous baby pacifiers throughout the room. It appeared the pacifiers were not used for babies but for possible drug activity.

Also inside the room were numerous glow sticks. There was no evidence that would indicate there were kids present.

Reporting party was advised the issue was a civil matter. Party was informed to send responsible party a bill for the damage. If they do not receive payment for the damage to file for restitution in small claims court. Party was provided a case number.