Dayton discusses pavement management plan

By Megan Hopps

SUN PRESS Newspapers


The Dayton City Council has been discussing pavement maintenance throughout the city deciphering which streets should be made a priority.

There were three areas that were discussed during a work session Tuesday, March 11. The first of these areas requiring attention was South Diamond Lake Road. Secondly, the city will look at Lawndale and Thicket Lane and finally, focus on residential roads in north east Dayton.


South Diamond Lake Road

The city has had discussions with the land manager of this area, who is a representative for the properties on South Diamond Lake Road. Residents have requested more time to discuss the road realignment. Currently, there is not a local road improvement program fund available for assistance with the project.

This year, staff and council are considering patching the roadways rather than overlaying the road. It has been recommended in staff reports to give residents more time to discuss road realignment and allow for the creation of a local road improvement fund (LRIP) to be established for this area.

No action was taken by the council on this portion of the road maintenance plan. The Dayton Public Works department will continue to patch the road this summer as required.

Lawndale and Thicket Lane

Council and staff will continue to make progress on Lawndale Lane and Thicket Lane. Lawndale includes nearly 10,000 feet of pavement. The other portion includes approximately 1,200 lineal feet of road. The council plans to approve specifications and authorize an advertisement for bids in April. In May, the council plans to open the bids and consider awarding the construction contract. Construction will begin in June and if all goes according to plan the project will be finished in the fall.

The council previously authorized the preparation of plans and specifications for the Lawndale Lane overlay.


Roads in NE Dayton

Several streets have been reconstructed in the north east Dayton in conjunction with the utility improvements completed seven to eight years ago. Most of these streets were in neighborhoods comprised of smaller lots. Sewer and water utilities were not installed in larger lot neighborhoods with some exceptions such as Hemlock Lane.

This portion of the project includes eight miles of roadway in the NE area in need of repair. The streets in the larger lot neighborhoods are in need of maintenance as well. This will range from an overlay to patching and reconstruction. The NE area has been broken down into 13 subareas of focus.

A neighborhood meeting was held earlier this month to gauge residential interest in installing sewer and water utilities in the NE development. Over 200 informational fliers were mailed to residents in this area and the majority of these responses were not in favor of installing sewer and water utilities, but were in favor of a street overlay.

Staff has been given the recommendation to evaluate street conditions and report which streets should be delayed, overlaid or reconstructed. Since there will be no assessments for the overlay, it is recommended that council authorize preparation of plans for the area overlay understanding this project would be combined with the Lawndale overlay project as one contract. The timeline of this project is parallel to that of Lawndale and Thicket Lanes. Staff recommends council to authorize the preparation of plans for the overlay of streets in the north east area.


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