Republicans want wise use of state budget surplus

State Senator Bruce Anderson
State Senator Bruce Anderson

by Sen. Bruce Anderson

Minnesota Senate Dist. 29

Greetings from the Capitol in St. Paul. We are officially underway with the 2014 legislative session. I’m proud to serve on the committees of Finance, State Departments and Veterans Division, and Local Government and Elections.

During the 2013 session, the DFL majority party raised income taxes on hardworking Minnesotans. Ironically, most of the budget surplus was created by these tax increases. I opposed these tax increases and will work to repeal these laws which resulted in over-taxation.

MNsure was enacted by the 2013 Legislature and open enrollment began in October 2013. Program roll out and enrollment numbers are not what was expected. There still are serious concerns about information technology contracts, leadership and the board of directors as well as overall operation. We must look for ways to protect consumers and prevent MNsure from taking down our entire health care system.

The second year of a biennium is usually reserved for bonding proposals. Senators will be submitting individual bonding bills that eventually will be combined into one large bill. Gov. Dayton has proposed a $1.03 billion bonding bill, which is the second largest bonding bill in Minnesota history. Last year the DFL raised taxes on hardworking Minnesotan’s to eliminate the deficit. We must be vigilant to make sure the budget surplus is not used to create more unnecessary debt. Our focus will be on critical infrastructure and projects of broad regional or statewide significance. There are legitimate infrastructure needs across our state and Republicans will support a bill that focuses on addressing those needs.

I believe strongly in constituent services, so please contact me with questions or comments or if you need any assistance on a state government issue. Call me at 651-296-5981, email me at [email protected] or write me at Sen. Bruce Anderson, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155.