Osseo warns homes, businesses of frozen pipes

The city of Osseo has made note that the recent cold temperatures has given rise to a number of frozen water pipes at residential and commercial properties. Many communities in the Twin Cities have also seen a sharp rise in the number of frozen pipe issues as the continued cold weather takes hold of the Upper Midwest.

So what can people and businesses do to help prevent frozen pipes?

The city of Osseo recommends that people turn on a faucet inside and let the water flow out in a small, yet steady stream (about a pencil width). This will keep the water moving inside the pipes, thus reducing the chance of freezing.

This is an important prevention measure. While it does waste water, the cost of increased water usage is far lower than repairing frozen pipes at a home or business.

People can also get more information from the city’s website (www.discoverosseo.com). Staff has posted a link on the front page that will take residents and business owners to the Public Services page regarding frozen water pipes.