Plan to attend your precinct caucus

To the Editor:


Our Sixth Congressional District race for Congress this year will be one of the most watched. We have several candidates running for a rare open seat for the U. S. House. We will also be electing a U. S. Senator and a Governor. In addition, all state office holders are up for election.

Would you like a say in who will represent you? If so, please plan now to attend your Precinct Caucus Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. It is the only way you can insure that the candidate of your choice has a chance to be on the ballot in November.

A Precinct Caucus is a meeting of all eligible voters of a political party living within a designate area. At the caucus you will have an opportunity to elect delegates who will go on to the party endorsement convention. Caucuses also provide a forum for you to voice your views on issues such as taxes, immigration, military readiness, respect for life and others. You can submit and vote on resolutions that the party conventions may make a part of the party platform. To find out where your precinct caucuses will be help, contact your county auditor’s office or the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office at 651-215-1440 or go to .

On Feb. 4 you will have a chance to help determine the future of our country. Please do not forfeit this opportunity; plan on attending your Precinct Caucus.

Jim Shovelain,

St. Michael