Elk Board approves delimiter proposals

By Jim Boyle

ECM-Sun Newspapers


The Elk River Area School Board approved Monday, Jan. 27, all of its delimiter proposals, including the controversial ones at the elementary and middle school level as proposed and the community education proposal with one significant change.

The delimiters were voted on separately by category. When it came time to vote on the middle and elementary school portions, School Board Members Jolene Jorgensen and Tony Walter had made and seconded motions to protect eighth grade health  in the middle school and the current rotation of art, music and physical education specialists in the elementary school. Both amendments were defeated on 5-2 votes.

An amendment, however, was approved as it relates to a proposal to expand the Discovery Learning Extra program within the community education program. The amendment will allow the program to expand, but only with funds from the community education fund and not the general fund.