Maple Grove accepts big donation from Lions Club

The Maple Grove City Council accepted at $15,000 donation from the Maple Grove Lions Club during its Monday, Jan. 6 meeting.

The council also considered a liquor license for Mongo’s Grill, 11628 Fountains Drive N. There were also two businesses that were to receive Minnesota Investment Funds.

This and other action took place during the meeting.



The Maple Grove Lions Club also donated $15,000 to the Maple Grove Police Department. A total of $10,000 will be used to support the DARE program and $5,000 will be used to purchase public safety equipment.

Councilor Karen Jaeger thanked the Lions for its support. Mayor Mark Steffenson also thanked the Lions as well. The council unanimously accepted the donation.

Councilor/Maple Grove Lions member Phil Leith added, “Many of you may not have heard, but the Park Board will also be accepting a couple of donations … $15,000 will be going to the Park and Rec scholarship fund to fund for people that cannot afford the programs and $60,000 will be going toward the Central Park fund, which will bring the total to $100,000 for the Central Park fund. I would like to thank the Lions for their support of the city.”



The council heard a request from Mongo’s Grill to acquire an on sale wine and 3.2 liquor license. Representatives from Mongo’s Grill attended the mandatory City Alcohol Compliance Training in November.

Mayor Steffenson reminding the applicant to have a license means to only serve to those old enough to purchase alcohol. He added, “We periodically do compliance checks and make sure that you are in fact checking making you are not selling to underage drinkers.”

The council approved the on sale wine and 3.2 liquor license for Mongo’s Grill, subject to compliance with liquor license requirements of the city code.



Two businesses in Maple Grove were set to receive Minnesota Investment Funds. The purpose of the fund is to assist expanding businesses in creating and retaining high quality jobs, with an emphasis on manufacturing, technology and professional services employment. Through this program funds are awarded to local units of government to help them create quality employment opportunities and assist with business expansions. Grants are awarded to local governments which then make the loans for specific business projects.

The first business, Aspen Research Corporation, was requesting the one-year extension of the loan. The business is located north of 83rd Avenue N. and west of Jefferson Highway. There loan will be used for job creation goals deed.

The council adopted the extension of the Minnesota Investment Fund loan grant period and job creation commitment for Aspen Research Corporation for a period of one year.

The second business was Price Mechanical Incorporated, to be located north or 67th Avenue and west of Wedgewood Court N. Currently, the business is in the process of occupying an existing 12,000-square-foot building  at 6705 Wedgewood Court. As part of the improvements to the building, Price is seeking a $700,000 forgivable loan from the state with the city serving as the administrator of that loan.

The council authorized staff to apply to the Department of Employment and Economic Development for a Minnesota Investment Fund Loan on behalf of Price Mechanical Incorporated.



In other action, the council:

ACCEPTED a Heart Safe Community Award. A separate story will appear in next week’s paper.

AUTHORIZED staff to begin the recruitment process for the vacant position of police officer due to the resignation of Derek Jacobson.