DHS grad supports auditorium upgrade

To the Editor:

In 1985, the drama department of Delano High School put on the Broadway musical “Grease,” and I played the role of Kenickie (the guy with the Grease Lightning car). Few productions are as much fun for high schoolers than playing rambunctious high schoolers.

At that time the Delano (Middle School) auditorium already was 10 years old. Since then, 28 years’ worth of students have made the auditorium their home to express their musical and dramatic talents. The auditorium has been well used and is now well worn. The lights have dimmed. The sound has faded. The once-comfortable seats are tattered and rickety.

I want my children, and future generations of Delano students, to have the same educational opportunities and to experience the same joy of performance that I was privileged to have been a part.

DHS alumni and district residents may sponsor a new auditorium seat with their names inscribed on it or may make a donation to the restoration project in any amount. Contact Steve Heil, DHS principal at 763-972-3365, ext. 2220 or [email protected] for more details.

In the musical “Grease,” there’s a song “Be True to Your School.” I will be true to my school and contribute to making the DHS auditorium a 21st-century performance facility. I call on you all to do the same. “Go grease lightning, you’re burnin’ up the quarter mile …” (You’re singing it now, too, aren’t you?)

Damon Kocina,


Delano High School Class of 1986