Hennepin County launches Natural Resources Interactive Map

Interested in how a development project may impact a wetland, prairie or floodplain? Wondering if there are important natural resources on your property?  Landowners and local governments can now access Hennepin County’s natural resources information through the Natural Resources Interactive Map.

This inventory is unique because it classifies every acre in the county in terms of land cover using the Minnesota Land Cover Classification System developed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources rather than just basic land use information. The interactive map includes detailed information on vegetative cover, natural resource corridors, soils, wetlands, floodplains, geology, topography and the ecological significance of an area.

Landowners are encouraged to use the interactive map to learn more about their property. For example, before starting a construction project, a resident could see if the work has potential to impact a wetland, floodplain or other significant natural resources. Landowners can also find out if part of their property is located in an identified natural resource corridor that may be considered for protection or restoration.

Local governments should find the interactive map helpful in making everyday land use decisions by being able to easily check for existing wetlands, floodplains and other natural resources on a parcel. The interactive map can also help with planning efforts to manage growth and promote the protection of remaining natural resources and open spaces.

Hennepin County provides technical and financial assistance for natural resource projects that preserve or restore critical habitats, reduce erosion, control nutrient runoff, control invasive species and improve air and water quality.

To access the Natural Resources Interactive Map and find out more about the county’s programs, visit www.hennepin.us/naturalresources or call 612-348-0124.