Albertville approves permit for new gas station/Taco John’s

 The Albertville City Council approved a conditional use permit (CUP) for redevelopment of the former Pat’s/Sunoco gas station, including for a drive-through Taco John’s restaurant.

The council also rezoned an area near the Outlet Mall to accommodate future development, and discussed a joint city/county agreement that would change the County Rd. 37 route.



Staff asked the council to consider adopting a resolution approving a CUP for a drive-through service lane for the former Sunoco property at 5862 Large Ave.

City administrator Adam Nafstad noted that the site accommodated motor fuel sales, auto repair, car wash, convenience store and fast food sales.
“Each of these uses are allowed in the underlying B-3, Highway Business District,” Nafstad wrote in his memo to the council, and adding that the existing car wash would be closed.

The planning commission recommended approving the CUP.

The site has been closed for about a year.

The applicant, Red Rooster Properties, is the franchiser for Taco John’s.

“Red Rooster has a purchase agreement likely contingent upon (CUP) approval, so the next step would be to close on the property and refurbish it to accommodate what they’re looking to do,” Nafstad said. “There will be some sight provisions to accommodate drive through lanes. And there will be remodeling of the inside of the store, along with making some parking lot improvements.”

The council unanimously approved the CUP.

There is no official opening date, but Nafstad said he anticipates development in spring.



In other news, the council was asked to consider adopting an ordinance amending the official zoning map for a 90-acre parcel owned by Darkenwald Holdings.

The parcel is located at on the western side of County Rd. 19 between 67th and 70th streets just north of the Outlet Mall.

It is currently zoned for industrial, and the owner is requesting to rezone to B-2A, special business district. That would allow for a mix of uses compatible with the existing commercial development, with higher performance standards.

“The applicant is in the initial phase for planning for a hospitality, entertainment and retail complex for the site,” administrator Nafstad wrote in his memo to the council.

He said there are no current development proposals, but that rezoning would allow for financing to be acquired and further planning to proceed.

The planning commission recommended approval “based on the finding that the request is consistent with the city’s vision for future land uses in the area.”

Nafstad said staff hopes to see a concept plan for potential development.

“I don’t expect it to be 90 acres at once,” he said. “I would envision that the land is developed 10 to 20 acres at a time.”

The council approved the requested rezoning.



In other matters, the council considered approval of a joint agreement between Albertville, St. Michael, Otsego and Wright County regarding portions of County Rd. 37 and 70th Street in Otsego.

County Rd. 37 presently goes east along the 60th Street corridor and then north to 70th Street. After planned improvements to 70th Street, the new County Rd. 37 will run along 70th Street all the way east of County Rd. 19.

The existing County Rd. 37 would then be changed to County Rd. 137.

“From Albertville’s perspective this is a good thing,” administrator Nafstad later said. “The city council didn’t see any negatives.”

Nafstad did say some city council members are interested in whether 70th Street west of County Rd. 19 should be included.

Otsego was slated to approve the agreement Monday, Oct. 28. The council tabled approval for more discussion, but will likely approve the agreement at its Nov. 4 meeting, Nafstad said.

In other action, the council:

HEARD from resident Sue Dixon about progress for the 54th Avenue/Barthel Industrial Drive intersection improvements related to flooding. The city is working toward the improvement for summer 2014.


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