Hanover to move out of ‘interim’ administrator period

Bob Derus feels staff is in good shape

The Hanover City Council heard that interim city administrator Bob Derus is officially handing over his duties to existing staff members.

Derus had been employed by the city since late summer 2012, just months after he retired as the longtime St. Michael City Administrator. Even prior to his retirement, Derus had been consulting with other cities, like Annandale, as they had been in transition between administrators.

And now Derus is consulting with the city of Dayton.

“(Derus) said things are going great for staff here in Hanover,” administrative assistant Brian Hagen later said. “He really doesn’t have to stop in the office that much, just for short periods and city council meetings.”

The plan is for assistant city administrator Annita Smythe to officially take on city administrator status as early as Jan. 1. Hagen said Derus would remain available on a case-by-case basis.

“The city council is ok with that, they’re really trusting (Derus’) decision,” Hagen said.



In other news, the council discussed the Beebe Lake (County Rd. 34) trail. Hanover and St. Michael are jointly funding the trail, which is under construction and scheduled for completion in the next month.

Staff said that since it’s so close to winter time, that Hanover and St. Michael agree to close the trail and not maintain it this winter.

Staff also updated the council about the Hennepin County Rd. 19 trail that would be extended from Crow-Hassan Park Reserve to the Historic Bridge. It would then connect to the Wright County side.

Staff presented the costs for temporary construction easements. “The next steps are to send letters off to residents (in the easements area),” administrative assistant Hagen said.

He added that the city wants to solidify funding from the Three Rivers Park District before proceeding with land appraisals.

“We just want to clarify the dollar amount,” Hagen said. “Three Rivers has been telling us they’re on board, but of the remaining amount, what are they willing to fund?”

Hanover is also seeking grant funding for the project.

In other action, the council:

TABLED a staff compensation plan. There are no set staff salary ranges now, and the plan is to bring Hanover’s compensation more in line with comparable cities.

HEARD that the end-of-year budget forecast looks very good and that the city should have a surplus. Funds from the surplus would go to things like the capital plan for pavement management to lower future costs.