Safety issues with Rockford schools

To the Editor:

After moving to the Rockford School District we were excited as it seemed to offer its students many advantages. However, we are a family that has some safety issues needing extra attention to keep our student safe.

We met the principal before school began and were assured during a very forward meeting, giving a protocol used at the previous school without any slip, which was agreed to and promised would be followed by REAMS. The 1st month of school, the staff at REAMS failed miserably on 2 occasions.

The superintendent was notified and they still failed. After a third meeting with REAMS principal to establish again what to do and the seriousness, she and the teacher chose to treat us as if we were diseased. They were rude upon pick-ups and drop-offs, wouldn’t respond to our requests as they had promised and even chastised us for being 5 minutes late for pick-up, as many other children were being picked up at the same time. It is unfortunate that the staff at REAMS are not as concerned with safety of students as they are curriculum.

Respect and understanding, or even kept promises, are not something REAMS will extend to a family in need of safety measures. You’ll just have to memorize what your child wears to school each day, as we do.

Lindsay Fenrich.