Construction begins for River Hills Development

by megan hopps

SUN PRESS Newspapers


The Dayton City Council met Tuesday, Oct. 8, at Dayton City Hall to discuss the beginning of construction of the River Hills Development and other agenda items.

Interim City Administrator, Bob Derus suggested the council make adjustments to the consent agenda regarding joining the I-94 Coalition, looking over the Hennepin youth sports grant application, and recycling options within the city.

Laura Landis, Program Coordinator of Home Free Community Programs, gave a presentation on the organization and requested funding from the city to help support their work. Landis requested a total of $653 from the city of Dayton to support the Home Free domestic violence shelter. Home Free provides services to the city of Dayton and other surrounding cities by protecting citizens from harassment, providing a 24 hour crisis line, a shelter for victims of domestic violence, orders of protection and other services.

A trail system is to be added along with the five new lots in the River Hills Development. The city talked about whether or not sub-divided lots should have to pay the development’s trail fees. The consideration applies only to the lots without developers agreements. Currently all lots in the development are responsible for covering the trail cost, unless they are subdivided.

City engineer Vince Vandertop gave a presentation regarding the beginning of the construction process of the first addition to the River Hills development. The final plat includes the entryway off of North Diamond Lake Road and is scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2014.

Bob Derus presented a consideration of Goose Lake Road Cooperative agreement with the city of Champlin. The two cities are working on an agreement to maintain the parkway and split any maintenance and construction costs equally.

The city also discussed public works vehicles, as staff has been using their personal vehicles to respond to calls after hours. The city discussed the possibility of letting staff use these vehicles after hours, or to pay mileage for personal vehicle use for work calls. The city voted not to give public works a take-home vehicle and continue to pay mileage.

Staff announcements were made adding that a new Senior Center Coordinator started last week at the Dayton Senior Center. Police Chief Dick Pietrzak announced that there is a neighborhood watch meeting at city hall at 7 p.m. Oct. 17 and that an open house will be Oct. 29 at Dayton City Hall regarding the speed zone. Public works Supt. Rick Hass added that work is completed in Dayton’s new public park, Nature’s Crossing.

Fire Chief Jason Mickelson added that there is still a burning ban issued by the DNR. Lastly, Mayor McNeil announced that McDonna Trucking is open for business in Dayton.


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