Rogers Police

RogPoliceThe following contains a sample of calls reported by Rogers Police from Monday, Sept. 30, through Sunday, Oct. 6.

Monday, Sept. 30

Officers responded to a welfare check of an elderly female. Officers had permission from family members, on scene, to break open two doors to gain access to the home. Inside the home an elderly female was found on the floor. She said she fell two days ago. A police hold was completed and the female was transported to the North Memorial Maple Grove Hospital.

Reporting called to report theft of a bucket front from a Cat 247 Skid Loader from a job site at 21925 Industrial Blvd. Suspect(s) removed the bucket between 09-27-13 1600 hours and 09-30-13 0447 hours. The Skid Loader was parked on the south side of the building and is rented equipment by VEIT. Veit has confirmed with the Lessor that they have not taken the bucket. They have also confirmed with employees no one has taken it with permission. Estimated loss $1,300.

Tuesday, Oct. 1 Officer was dispatched to take a missing person report. Officer met with daughter and husband of a 55 year old female who left the home over 24hrs ago and has yet to return. Officers met with family at length to discuss possible destinations. An attempt to locate was put out for the female and the vehicle she was driving. Female has had a history of depression as no weapons were believed to be in the females possession.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

Officer responded to the business to assist a MN State Trooper who encountered two males involved in a disturbance at Industrial Boulevard and Main Street. Upon investigation it was learned one male had placed the other in fear of being assaulted, then damaged his vehicle with a rock. Kelsey Hook, 23, was cited for assault and damage to property then released at the scene.

The business at 14595 James Rd. was reporting some tools stolen from unlocked work vehicles in the rear fenced area of the property. Upon further checking the perimeter of the property a path in a wooded/weeded area was located in the NW portion of the property. It was leading from the adjacent business at 21495 Quiram Dr. Flashlights and tin snips were located nearby where the thefts occurred. This path was not forged by either business and it is suspected trespassing subject(s). It is believed the suspect(s) left behind the tools.

Narcotics complaint on a vehicle that had three occupants inside while at a business in Rogers at Main Street. Strong odors present from outside and next to the car, including the trunk of the vehicle even after the vehicle was found unnoccupied. Consent search denied, so K-9 was contacted with multiple hits on the vehicle. Vehicle was impounded and towed to Rogers PD evidence shed for further investigation. Hennepin County contacted with the advisement for a search warrant to be drafted on the vehicle, for a search for narcotics. Andrew Bentz, 30, was cited for small amount of marijuana in motor vehicle.

Wednesday, Oct. 2

Alan Schubert, 65, was cited for inattentive driving resulting in property damage crash at the 23610 block of 109th Ave.

James Wolf, 31, was cited for driving after revocation and no proof of insurance related to a property damage crash at I-94 and County Rd. 81.

Cullum Sutton, 33, was cited for driving after revocation at Main Street and I-94.

Nathan Larsen, 30, was cited for inattentive driving resulting from a property damage crash at the 13700 block of Rogers Dr.

Sharon Macrunnels, 44, was cited for shoplifting at 21451 South Diamond Lake Rd.

Thursday, Oct. 3

Officers were dispatched to a car vs. semi crash on east Interstate 94, east of County Road 81. State Patrol had arrived on scene and wrote crash. Male driver of passenger car was transported to the Maple Grove Hospital. The passenger car was towed by Burdas Towing. Burdas advised they would watch the driver’s female dog until it could be picked up from the shop. Rogers officers assisted with traffic control while State Patrol completed accident investigation.

Robyn Luttrell, 20, wsa cited for failure to yield resulting in a property damage crash at 13600 block of Rogers Dr.

Friday, Oct. 4

Officers responded to a single vehicle crash into a lightpole in the parking lot at 13800 Rogers Dr. Driver was checked out by paramedics and released at the scene. There was no damage to the lightpole.

Saturday, Oct. 5

Devon Paige, 25, was cited for driving after revocation and no proof of insurance at I-94 and Main Street.

Jeremy Berg, 26, was cited for revoked license and no seatbelt at I-94 and Main Street.

Riley Guimont, 18, was cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and obstructed view at Rogers Drive and 141st Ave.

Sunday, Oct. 6

Officer observed a vehicle stalled on the inside shoulder on Interstate 94 eastbound near Brockton Lane. Officer stopped to see if the motorist needed assistance. The officer determined the driver was driving after revocation and did not have motor vehicle insurance. The driver had numerous prior insurance violations and was arrested for gross misdemeanor no insurance and driving after revocation. The vehicle was impounded by Burda’s. Angelique Caldwell, 22, was booked at the Roger’s Police Department and released.