Independence residents ask for Nelson Road repairs

The Independence City Council, on Tuesday, Sept. 24, directed city staff to get information about potential repairs to Nelson Road, a city street that has both gravel and paved surfaces.

City councilors were responding to a petition from 40 residents living between the 2200 and 3100 blocks of Nelson Road. The petition says: “The paved portion of Nelson Road is badly in need of repair. We request that the Council allocate funds for the repair and maintenance of Nelson Road in the 2014 budget and direct Staff to complete the work in 2014.”

City Councilor Lynn Betts asked what the people who live along the gravel portion of the road would want.

City Councilor Brad Spencer said some of those residents want the gravel road to continue with a gravel surface. Some residents were concerned that paving the full length of Nelson Road would encourage increased traffic.

Spencer was not certain what type of road improvement would be best. Would simple seal coating work or would a more significant improvement be better? He said Larry Ende, Independence’s new Public Works director, would be the person to suggest solutions.

Betts answered that the city needs to be clear on what residents want for Nelson Road.

City Councilor Norm Wenck said, “The big question is who pays.”

The City Council also took up other business. Here are some meeting highlights.


The City Council appointed Joe Baker, who lives on Lake Sarah Heights Drive, to serve as the Independence commissioner on the Pioneer Creek Sarah Watershed Management Commission. He replaces Jerry Wise, who served for approximately two years. Wise has resigned for personal reasons.


The city of Independence is in the process of getting formal cost sharing agreements from partners in a project intended to improve water flow through the Lake Independence outlet channel. On Sept. 24, the Independence City Council approved a formal agreement with the Pioneer Sarah Creek Watershed Management Commission and the city of Medina. Independence already has signed a similar agreement with the Three Rivers Parks District. Estimated cost is $57,000 for removing vegetation in the channel between Lake Independence and Pagenkopf Roads.

The agreement states that the purpose of the project is “to reduce the severity and duration of high water elevations in Lake Independence that cause damage to the shoreline and unreasonably restrict recreational usage.”


The City Council also:

APPROVED a request from Jeremy and Sadie Kolbe for a two-year extension on replacing their septic system at 3110 County Road 90.

TABLED a request from Jim and Linda Franklin pertaining to a proposed six lot subdivision at 6615 Franklin Hills Road.

TABLED a request from Deborah Peterson for a conditional use permit that would allow her to keep a dog kennel on property at 2810 Nelson Road.

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