Varsity set for Knight’s cross country

The St. Michael-Albertville Knights cross country teams open their regular season schedule with the Monticello Invitational cross country meet Thursday, Sept. 5, at Vintage Golf Course, just east of Monticello.

The varsity members for the boys and girls teams were determined earlier this fall with a runoff/scrimmage. Top 7 runners made the varsity for the Monticello Invitational. The varsity team for the boys is led by junior Chase Cayo and also consists of junior Jake Monseth, senior Dominic Shovelain, senior Keith Jorgenson, junior Christian Eiynck, sophomore Jackson Connelly, and junior Alec Birk rounding out the “top 7”. For the girls, the team is led by junior Rachel King and freshman Lizzy Heil.

The rest of the team consists of freshman Belle Nyhus, junior Abbie Herbst, sophomore

McKenna Rogers, and juniors Gabby Vetsch and Jaymie Hansen.

The Knight cross country team has exactly 100 runners on the team for grades 9th-12th with another 60 runners in 7th and 8th grade out for the sport.

The schedule for the Monticello Meet is as follows: 4:00 PM-7th & 8th grade boys-2300 meters; 4:15 PM-7th & 8th grade girls-2300 meters; 4:30 PM-Junior Varsity boys-5000 meters; 4:55 PM-Junior Varsity girls-4000 meters; 5:20 PM-Varsity boys-5000 meters; 5:45 PM-Varsioty girls-4000 meters

Next competition, after Monticello, for the STMA cross country teams is Thursday Sept. 12, when they will split their team and send a varsity and a JV team to St. Francis and a varsity and a JV team to Anoka.