City of Champlin extends sprinkling restrictions

The city of Champlin reports on its website that the extended period of dry weather has created a high demand on the city water supply and system. 

Although the mandatory sprinkling restrictions end as of Labor Day, the city’s water superintendent is requesting residents abide by the rules of the restrictions, until cooler and wetter weather occurs. This is to reduce the chances of a water emergency. The city is asking residents to continue to follow the restrictions of odd/even watering and not to water between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. There is enough water supply for everyone but it must be used wisely. If too many water at once the city’s equipment cannot keep up with demand that could result in a water emergency. This would include a ban on lawn sprinkling and have an even greater impact on the city.

The city asked residents to help protect the community by following the summer watering restrictions to avoid a possible emergency.

To keep updated check the city of Champlin’s website  at for news regarding the extended sprinkling restrictions.