Delano Schools upgrade security systems



I want to inform our community of upgrades we have been working on to maintain a safe and secure environment in Delano Public Schools.

This summer we upgraded our electronic security system that controls entrances to all our schools, including the Community Education Building. These upgrades include, but are not limited to, updating electronic locking systems of both our exterior and interior doors. This will allow key personnel to lock down our exterior and interior doors to secure our facilities from a potential security risk that might exist.

As always, we continue to train our staff regarding emergency procedures that already are in place and are designed to keep students, staff and community members safe in our schools.

In mid August the Wright County Sheriff’s Office exercised emergency intruder training within our school walls. These types of trainings are facilitated for two purposes. One is for Wright County Sheriff’s personnel to train in actual schools on a regular basis. The second purpose is for our law enforcement personnel to be familiar with our schools in the event that they are called to an emergency situation.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office also is training middle school staff during a teacher workshop at the end of August. Staff members at each school work together with law enforcement on a rotating basis to stay familiar with security measures and emergency procedures that are in place at Delano Public Schools.

Educators today take security matters seriously in order to provide a safe learning environment for all. This becomes a difficult task as our public schools are designed to be open and welcoming facilities that are accessible to the public. With that said, we will strive to continue to update both our facilities and training of our personnel to keep Delano Public Schools a safe place to learn and visit.