Maple Grove again tables plan for townhomes

The Maple Grove City Council continued talks about the third addition to the Bridges at Arbor Lakes development during its meeting Monday, Aug. 19.

The council also took up matters involving new liquor licenses, a liquor license violation and recognizing the 2013 Maple Grove Moments Photography Contest winners.

This and other action took place during the meeting.



The council once again took up discussion on the Bridges at Arbor Lakes third addition. There would be eight units in the side-by-side townhome development. This development would be located south of 82nd Avenue N., east of Magnolia Lane and west of Larch Lane.

At the previous July 15 council meeting the item was tabled. The council asked the developer to come back with updated elevations and renderings of the backs and sides of the unit. It was suggested by staff that the applicant continue to refine and improve the proposed architecture based on comments from the Planning Commission.

City Planner Peter Vickerman said the developer came back with new drawings showing an increase in articulation on the sides. There were also windows added as a possibility to the sides and a significant amount of bump-outs and overhangs on the backs of the units.

He added that the developer also adjusted the site plan so the backs of the building (where the garages are) would be moved to face the garages of an existing building next to it and the front of the building would face Magnolia Lane.

The council took public comment on the proposed project.

Mike Danielson said he felt the proposed building was inconsistent with any other building within the development.

Keith Bashena, living on Larch Lane, said he was concerned with the proposal. He said, “I want it to look and blend in with my neighborhood. My basic concern is coming up the street… you’re going to see all garages facing each other. You’re basically looking at garages, rather plain walls, no decks, no people place.”

Councilor Erik Johnson asked if there was parking allowed in the project area. Vickerman said there is no parking on the private streets within the development, but there was on public streets.

The applicant said the parking was same as the other back to back unit nearby.

Councilor Phil Leith said, “I did like the new drawings, but my concerns are the continuity and lack of parking.”

Johnson said he agreed that he was fine with the architecture of the building, but was concerned with how visitor parking would work.

Mayor Mark Steffenson said, “I do think the parking issues are … safety issues that we need to address.”

The council tabled action and asked the applicant to present solutions to the parking concerns.



Two Maple Grove businesses were before the council requesting liquor licenses.

First, the council approved Haskell’s, 15304 Grove Circle, request for a off sale liquor license, subject to compliance with liquor license requirements of the city code.

Haskell’s hopes to be open in November of this year.

The second license request was from the Hilton Garden Inn, 6350 Vinewood Lane. Business ownership changed, which requires a new license. The council approved the on sale intoxicating/Sunday sale liquor license for Hilton Garden Inn-Maple Grove subject to compliance with liquor license requirements.

In a related matter, heard of a liquor license violation from Costco Wholesale. This is the business’s second violation within a three-year time period. The council directed the City Attorney to prepare appropriate findings of fact and conclusion in support of the decision to suspend the off sale liquor license for Costco Wholesale for five consecutive days for a second violation with a three-year time period and impose a civil penalty of $2,000.



The council also recognized the winners of the 2013 Maple Grove Moments Photography Contest during the meeting.

Each winner present was presented with a prize and certificate by Mayor Mark Steffenson.

Winners of the 2013 photo contest were placed in four categories: Going Together (people), Going Strong (community), Going Wild (animals or pets) and Going Natural (nature, sky, flowers, etc.). There was also a Youth Recognition category.

Those recognized in the Youth Recognition category were: “Silhouette Sunrise,” “Queen of Beasts” by Kathryn Humnick, “Strolling Down Main” by Darian Kolb and “Deep Thoughts” by Leena Sebastin.

Going Together winners were: Lisa Willey with first place’s “After the Fire Huddle,” Joel Martinek’s second place with “Summer at Fish Lake” and Jill Adkins with third place’s “Funtime in Fall.”

The Going Strong winners were: Rich Moll with “One Day I’ll Fit Into Those Gloves” in first place, Kristin Jones with “Go Maple Grove!” in second place and Hong Lin with “Riding High in Air” in third place.

Going Natural winners were: Evan Harlan in first place with “Golden Evening,” Susan Marler in second place with “View from Hammock” and Sara Melin in third place with “Midsummer Night’s Leaf.”

The Going Wild winners were: Dave Cary with “You Talkin’ to Me?” in first place, Gary Riek with “Let It Snow” in second place and Daniel Trainor with “Baby Chicken” in third place.



In other action, the council:

APPROVED the promotion of Joseph Bennett to the position of Street Department Supervisor in the Public Works Department at an annual salary of $65,767 effective Aug. 20, subject to a 12-month probationary period. In a related matter, authorized staff to begin the recruitment process for the vacant position of Heavy Equipment Operator created by the promotion.

AUTHORIZED staff to begin the recruitment process for a Light Equipment Operator in the Public Works Department due to the retirement of Roger Kiekow, effective Sept. 30.

AUTHORIZED staff to begin the recruitment process for a Lead Heavy Equipment Operator and any other subsequent position that may become available as a result of any promotions that may occur during the recruitment process for this position in the Public Works Department due to the retirement of Dave Fisher effective Aug. 23.