Wright County Sheriff

On Aug. 5, Wesley John Holland, 49, of ST. MICHAEL was arrested in Monticello Township on the charge of criminal vehicular operation.

On Aug. 8, David Scott Herrman, 41 of ST. MICHAEL was charged with felony 5th degree possession of a controlled substance.

On Aug. 10, Ellen Maria Skubic-Tourangeau, 61, of ROCKFORD was arrested in Rockford on an apprehension and detention order from Wright County.

On Aug. 12, Erik Andrew Wollo, 48, of CORCORAN was arrested in Hanover on a Wright County warrant for 5th degree controlled substance violation.

There were 21 property damage accidents, 10 personal injury accidents, 2 hit and run accidents and 3 car deer accidents.

There were 6 arrests for DWI, 3 underage consumption arrests, no school bus stop arm violations and 42 tickets for miscellaneous traffic violations reported this week.