Champlin to improve rear yard drain on White Oaks Trail

Samara Postuma

Contributing writer

Champlin City Engineer Tim Hanson presented a resolution to the city council ordering the White Oaks Trail Rear Yard Improvement Project to move forward.

Hanson explained to the council that the back yards do not drain properly and has resulted in standing water on multiple occasions over the years. The project, which would be funded by assessments to the affected homeowners, would include putting drain tile throughout the backyards of several residences.

Chad and Stephanie Dwinal are residents that have been affected by the poor drainage over the years. “We brought this to the city’s attention in 2011 and were told at the time that it was due to over-watering by the association behind us,” Stephanie explained.

In March 2012, the issue was still not resolved and last summer the Dwinals invested their own time and energy into fixing the problem in their backyard building a large trench. “There was significant labor and costs involved in the project and since we did this we’ve had no issues,” Stephanie said, further expressing her frustration that the city didn’t offer to help or that there was a possible neighborhood project.

“I’m concerned about this assessment because we’ve already spent a significant amount on this project,” she explained.

Hanson explained to the council that the Dwinals would still receive benefit from the project as their entire yard would be drain tiled.

The council discussed the Dwinals’ concern and council member Ryan Karasek sympathized, “I’m torn because obviously you’ve put in so much time and effort already,” he said.

Mayor Armand Nelson made a motion and all present council members approved and Hanson explained that the next step will be to solicit quotes for the project.

Mayor Nelson also informed the council and residents that Night to Unite is Tuesday, Aug. 6, and residents interested in hosting a block party should contact the fire department at 421-2971.

The council approved a massage therapist license for Quiet Time Massage, approved an appointment to the Parks and recreation Commission and approved a resolution requesting funding from MnDot.