St. Michael clarifies block parties/gambling rules

The St. Michael City Council discussed administrative approval for gambling licenses and block party requests.

Community Development Director Marc Weigle said there is no legal requirement that requires council approval for temporary gambling licenses or block party requests for closing a portion of the public street.

City clerk Diana Berning said the state is the licensing authority for gambling and the city’s approval just acknowledges the event will take place in St. Michael. For block party requests, councilor Kevin Kasel said he would be concerned if some of the adjacent residents would be against the street closing or have complaints about a party resulting from the street closing.

Berning said the applicant would still need to complete a form that requires the signatures of all residents affected by the street closing. The council will be informed if there are issues with certain block parties. The council ended up unanimously authorizing staff to administratively approve Temporary Gambling Licenses and Block Party Requests.



In other matters, the council was provided with the draft minutes of the recent Economic Development Authority (EDA) meeting.

Weigle reviewed the discussion from the meeting with the council. The EDA discussed the acquisition of 22 1st Street, with a consensus to look further into acquiring the property on a contract for deed; since there would be no relocation costs involved and it could help better market the site for future redevelopment. Weigle showed the council pictures of the home, which has been very well kept up by the owners.

The council discussed the acquisition and was hesitant to move forward at this time, given the low balance in the EDA fund. Staff said that in a few years, the EDA will be in a better position to purchase the building and the council recommended waiting until those funds are available. Weigle will report back to the EDA at its next meeting.