Osseo approves gun club site plan

The Osseo City Council considered the site and landscape plans for the Osseo Gun Club project during is Monday, July 22, meeting.

The council also accepted a FEMA grant for the Fire Department and approved the purchase of park property.

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting.




The council heard from City Planner Riley Grams regarding the site and landscape plans for the Osseo Gun Club project. The project will be located on two parcels of land — 32 Fourth Street N.W. and 316 First Avenue N.W.

The project will include a one-story, 17,730-square-foot shooting range with 20 lanes as well as retail space and classroom space. The council gave its approval for the project June 24.

There will be 34 parking spaces on the site.

This site has had a history of drainage issues during times of heavy rainfall. In 2009, street and utility improvements were made along Central Avenue that included two new catch basins to the low point in First Avenue N.W. The developer of the Osseo Gun Club proposes to tie into the existing storm water system to the north at Fourth Street N.W. The two catch basins will be located in the parking lot design of the Osseo Gun Club. The parking will made of bituminous pavement that slopes to collect all storm water into the two catch basins. The developer is also required to store storm water runoff so it doesn’t immediately enter into the storm water system.

Riley added the project would have a total of 18 trees (two different kinds) as part of the landscaping, which would be placed along the west side of the wall to help “soften the wall” look.

He said the Planning Commission wanted to see a third set of trees to “give it a little more variety” and to stagger the trees and not keep them in a line.

Councilor Mark Schulz said one of the tree types, a crab tree, produces fruit, which would fall off the tree and possibly get into the storm sewer system. “I know our city’s Public Works Director is quite diligent in making sure grass clippings … not be entered into our storm sewer system,” he said. “I would ask to find something that is not a fruit-producing tree to be put there.”

The council approved the Osseo Gun Club site and landscape plans with changes with the crab trees and those from the Planning Commission.



The Osseo Fire Department received notification recently it was awarded $17,100 from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for new Fire Department equipment. The new equipment will be for a new compressor to fill the department’s SCBA bottles and mobile cascade system on the air utility truck. The grant will also be used for a fixed fill station for bottles within the station.

This will cost a total of $18,000. The department will use $900 from its own funds, which are available for the purchase.

The council ended up approving the grant award from FEMA.



In other matters, the city’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan suggests the entire Block 10, from Central Avenue to First Avenue N.E. between Fourth and Fifth Streets, eventually be purchased for a park and community facilities such as a senior center or library. It was suggested to purchase the entire block as the properties come up for sale

City Administrator Doug Reeder said one the property owners at 17 Fourth Street N.E., next to the park, wishes to sell their property to the city now.

Back in May the council directed staff to have an appraisal of the property. The city’s appraisal of the property was $144,000 and the owner’s appraisal was $149,000. Reeder said staff met with the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Luitjens, and a purchase price of $145,000 was agreed upon. With this price, the Luitjens will waive all relocation benefits, closing will be at a date selected by the Luitjens and the Luitjens may keep possession of the home for up to 30 days following closing with no rent.

Councilor Schulz said he was struggling with purchasing the property. “I see the value to add to the city’s parks,” he said. “I think if do go ahead and purchase this, there needs to be some type of a usage. Right now it would be an odd lot.”

Schulz said he would like to see some park equipment or an ice rink.

Mayor Duane Poppe said, “A lot of this vision and putting things together in the future, you have to take those first initial steps to have a broader plan. As things present themselves, sometimes they are not the ideal times.”

The council authorized the mayor and city administrator to execute a purchase agreement with the Luitjens for the purchase of the property using funds from the general fund for a purchase price of $145,000.