LETTER: Maple Grove thanks all who made Maple Grove Days a success

Letter to the Editor:


On behalf of the city of Maple Grove Mayor, Council and staff, a big thank you goes to all the members of the Maple Grove Community Organization (MGCO) who made this year’s Maple Grove Days celebration a great success!

A special thanks to MGCO Director Deb Syhre for her continued outstanding leadership. Also, much appreciation to the super group of volunteers who gave of their time and talents with the numerous activities and events.

As our city continues to grow, Maple Grove Days continues to be an integral part in keeping the community spirit alive. Please know that residents and visitors enjoyed and appreciated the Maple Grove Days 2013 festivities.

In addition, congratulations to the recently crowned Maple Grove Ambassadors! We are certain they will serve and represent the city well.

To all who played a part in Maple Grove Days,  your commitment to your community is a great benefit to all of us.


Al Madsen

Maple Grove City Administrator