Rogers Police


The following contains a sample of calls reported by Rogers Police from Monday, July 8, through Sunday, July 14.

Monday, July 8

Officers were dispatched to Main Street and Interstate 94 for a personal injury accident. Officers arrived on scene and determined a mini van rear-ended a fully loaded semi. The passenger in the mini van was transported by North Memorial Ambulance to Maple Grove Hospital as a precaution. The semi had minor damage to the rear metal bumper. The mini van had heavy front-end damage and was towed from the scene.

Truck driver was parked and about to sleep in the cab of his semi and trailer combination when he felt his truck shake, and saw a male on top of his trailer at 14170 Northdale Blvd. The driver yelled out the window and saw the suspect calmly walk down the trailer, hop off and head into a fenced storage area. A check of his trailer was completed by the driver/owner who found his tarp was cut, and that a fast food wrapper and food was dropped on and around his trailer. Officers and K-9 sweeped the fenced in area and a subject was found in his vehicle hiding.

Tuesday, July 9

CSO responded to a dog that was left in a car at a business at 13375 Commerce Blvd. and when owner came out vehicle door was open and one of his two dogs were gone. Missing Dog’s name is Alo, he is a pitbull/husky mix with one blue eye and one multicolored. Wearing a black Harley Davidson collar, with a blue bone name and address tag with old address and number on it.

Officers were dispatched to the area of Northdale Boulevard and 141st Avenue after a suspicious male entered a business nearby. Reporting party stated the male left on foot with a dog which appeared to be stolen. Suspect was later located with a dog at a business in the 21300 block of Rogers Drive. Officers earlier in the day took a stolen report of a dog, which matched the description. The owner of the stolen dog did arrive on scene and confirmed it was his dog. The value of the dog is $1,500. Dollars. David Patrick Delmore, 28, was arrested for possession of stolen property and was transported to Hennepin County Jail.

Officer noticed a van parked at a liquor store business in Rogers with the windows rolled down and two younger kids in car seats unsupervised. Officer waited for a short time, and did not see anyone return, so the children were checked on. After about 3-4 minutes of observation and talking to the children, the Father walked out carrying his purchase. Party was identified, along with partial ID of his children. He was advised on the dangers of his actions and the fact that he should be taking his children with him, or not making the stop while they are in the car. Party said it woud not happen again

Wednesday, July 10

Officers responded to a theft at Kohls where the suspect female fled the building and jumped into a vehicle and sped away. Advised items were approximately $300.

Officer observed a male violating an order for protection at 21615 South Diamond Lake Rd. Suspect fled while officer was verifying the order. Officer is referring the case to the prosecutor for charges.

Thursday, July 11

Officer dispatched to auto theft report phone call. Caller stated they were registered owner and had barrowed car to son who resides in Rogers. Son advised her the car had been stolen. Officer verified with son vehicle had been stolen previous day. He also provided suspect information to officer. A motorized equipment theft report was completed and signed in person by the registered owner. The vehicle was entered as a stolen, and the case is under investigation by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department.

Officers received call of property damage hit and run crash near the intersection of Main Street / 141st Avenue North. Reporting party stated the suspect vehicle, described as a white Jimmy, cut in front of her vehicle causing damage to the front passenger side quarter panel and bumper. She recorded the plate of the suspect vehicle after it failed to stop to exchange information. The suspect vehicle was last seen traveling west on 141st Avenue from Main Street. Suspect described as a white male, 40’s old, with dark hair. Officers later contacted owner of vehicle who denied driving the vehicle at the time of the incident. Owner refused to tell officers who was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Friday, July 12

Officer was patrolling North Community Park parking lot off Bluebill Avenue. Officer located a vehicle parked overnight where it is clearly posted, “No Overnight Parking.” Officer previously issued the vehicle a written warning on 06/29/2013 for the same violation. Due to the previous written warning issued officer issued a citation tonight. There was a male that left the Preserves of Commerce Apartments and approached officer to argue. He smelled of an alcoholic beverage, had slurred speech and watery eyes. Cited was William Anthony Marchessault, 44.

Female rider was thrown from horse on trail. Three Rivers Park Police requested assistance as they were responding from a distance. Officers located female on trail head past stables. Female complained of soreness but did not believe she was injured. North Ambulance responded to location and assessed patient further. Victim may have suffered multiple injuries to het ribs and right hip. North transported her to North Memorial in Robbinsdale.

Saturday, July 13

Manager called to report a suspicious incident involving an employee at 21300 Rogers Dr. The manager said an African American male came into the store and asked the manager to send the employee to the parking lot so the man could get the employee’s phone number. The manager said the employee was worried that the male was going to beat him up. The manager said the employee was adamant that the manager not call the police. The manager did not know what happened between the employee and the male. The manager said the man came back into the store while the officer was talking to the manager. The manager did not want officers to initiate contact with the man. Officer observed vehicle in lot matching suspect vehicle description. Manager asked for extra patrol from call time to closing.

Sunday, July 14

Officers responded to a vehicle fire on Interstate 94 just west of Brockton Lane. Officers located it westbound Interstate 94 just east of Brockton. Vehicle was fully engulfed. Officers determined everyone was out of the car and there were no injuries. The driver advised she was having a mmechanical failure. Rogers Fire put out the flames and it was towed privately by Burdas.

Officer received a report of a drunk driver at a gas station. Officer located the vehicle in the driveway to his home. The vehicle was occupied by two males who were both initially uncooperative. Officer arrested Bradley Bernard Pierson, 23, for 3rd degree DWI test refusal. He was transported to Hennepin Count Jail and tab charged.

Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute in a gas station parking lot at 13028 Main St. A bystander witnessed a male shove a woman. The male claimed she elbowed him causing him to shove her in self defense. The woman was not sure if she elbowed him or not. Officers did not have probable cause to make an arrest and are still investigating by attempting to get surveillance video from the gas station.

Reporting party said that her daughter left a black and grey Coach purse at Hassan Elementary playground. Reporting party said that the purse had her daughter’s instructional permit, debit card, social security card, and cash. Reporting party said she checked the playground and did not find the purse. The purse was valued at $300. Reporting party was told to contact her bank and to monitor her daughter’s credit report.