Corcoran increases city dust control contribution

The Corcoran City Council adopted the 2013 dust control assessment roll, and increased the city’s contribution.

The council also heard a report from the Northwest Human Services Council, and approved a new building plan for Lano Equipment.



The council continued the dust control public hearing that began at the previous meeting.

Staff noted there are 102 miles of roads in Corcoran. Of these, 39 miles are county roads, 25 miles are paved roads, 27 miles are gravel collector roads and 11 miles are gravel neighborhood roads.

The city currently provides dust control to 23 miles of collector road and 3.5 miles of neighborhood roads. From 2001 to 2011, the city participated in the dust control costs by contributing $20,000 per year. Last year the city increased its contribution to $35,000, and this year the city budget increased to $45,000.

Staff noted that the assessment hearing is usually conducted in spring, but due to a late spring, the assessment decision was tabled to assure an accurate city contribution. Material costs increased 10 percent, assessments increased 10 percent for local roads, and assessments decreased for collector roads due to the increased city contribution ($123 per unit vs. $140 per unit).

The 2012 project costs were $94,035. The 2013 costs will be increased by 10 percent, with the estimated final project costs at $100,000, less the minimum revenue from assessments ($55,000) equals the required city funding of $45,000.

Mayor Ken Guenthner and the council approved the 2013 dust control assessment roll. Assessments range from $30.75 on the low end to $719 for Maple Hill Estates. By far the most common assessment is $123.




In other matters, the council heard the annual report from Northwest Hennepin Human Services Council. Corcoran and most cities in northwest Hennepin County beling to the human services council.

The council creates connections between government, non-profits, education, faith and business sectors and residents.

Director Susan Blood was present. She said the human services council’s total funds received last year were $839,229, with contributions from Hennepin County and the state, federal government, member municipalities ($95,702) and grants and contributions. Corcoran’s contribution was $2,468, whereas Blood said total assistance Corcoran received through all programs was $9,060.

The programs Blood said Corcoran received includes emergency services, Healthy Together Northwest, Northwest Early Childhood Network, research and planning, and seniors.

The council thanked Blood for her visit, and directed new city administrator Brad Martens as Corcoran’s representative on the human services council.



In other news, the council reviewed a site plan amendment and conditional use permit to allow a new accessory building at Lano Equipment, 23580 Hwy. 55.

The council tabled the item June 27 until code enforcement issues were resolved at the site. The code enforcement issued was outside motor vehicle storage, which is a violation of the city’s zoning ordinance.

The planning commission voted 5-1 to recommend approval.

The city planner said the city’s discretion in approving or denying a conditional use permit and site plan amendment is limited to whether or not the proposed request meets the standards outlined in the city code. If it meets those standards, the city must approve the conditional use permit and site plan.

The council ended up approving an amended building design.

In other action, the council:

HEARD a public works facility update. Masonry work is underway and walls will soon be going up. The project is on schedule for opening in late fall.