Rogers Police

RogPoliceBadgeThe following contains a sample of calls reported by Rogers Police from Tuesday, May 28, through Sunday, June 2.

Tuesday, May 28

Business owner at 13530 Willandale Rd. called to report a pole building was entered without forced entry sometime over the long weekend. Suspect(s) removed three cab mount two way radio units from three different trucks inside.

Felony theft of miscellaneous items was reported at 21120 134th Ave.

Subject pumped 8.7 gallons of unleaded fuel into his car at 13028 Main St. and left w/o making payment – Total Loss – $35.01. Store has provided surveillance footage, vehicle and suspect description. Incident is under investigation.

Larry Wayne Kating, 61, was cited for no proof insurance, citation for illegal window tint and verbal warning for loud exhaust.

Wednesday, May 29

Wright County Deputy called to advise of a traffic stop in Albertville with a juvenile male in a vehicle believed to be stolen from a house in Rogers. Vehicle was confirmed to be stolen per the registered owner and the home/garage was also burglarized where the vehicle was taken along with other property items missing. Juvenile male is in custody and booked at Juvenile Detention Center on the stolen vehicle and for the burglary.

Parks employee at Trail Haven Lane reported that while he was walking on the trails in the Day Springs Walking Trails, he discovered a pit covered by two pieces of plywood that were concealing a cooler with beer, marijuana and paraphernalia. Area was located, photos were taken and the items were seized as evidence. No suspects-items have been there for a period of time and the area is very difficult to access from the actual trail.

Travis Lee Weyaus, 26, was cited for no Minnesota driver’s license, no proof insurance and no front license plate at Main Street and I-94.

Thursday, May 30

Theft of copper wire at 19360 Harmony Ave. Party reports someone entered new construction property and cut three lengths of wiring about 50 feet each for about a $100 loss. Advised party police would try to do extra patrol through area.

Kathryn Ann Schipke, 41, was cited for Foss Law violation and no insurance at Main Street and I-94.

Officers responded to County Road 81 and Memorial Drive on a report of an accident with unknown injuries. Caller advised the caller had a flat tire after hitting a curb and was leaving the scene. Officer located the vehicle westbound on 129th just west of Main Street. Determined driver was not looking at the roadway where he was traveling at the time he hit the curb. The driver advised he was looking off to the right. Cullen Mark Loughlin, 18, was cited for inattentive driving.

Friday, May 31

Anneliese Yen Barnes, 26, was cited for driving after suspension and no front license plate at I-94 and Industrial Court.

Saturday, June 1

Officers responded to a report of a bottle being thrown at the neighbor at 24123 Superior Dr. Officers determined there was a party and a bottle had been thrown in the street but not in the direction of the neighbor. The neighbor was upset that someone thew a bottle in the street so he threatened to call the police causing everyone to leave. Officers were unable to make contact with anyone on scene from the party but spoke to several adults on the phone who advised they found a sober ride home.

Assisted Corcoran Police Department on a male reported to be carrying a firearm in Maple Hill Estates. Male was involved in a verbal altercation, returned to his residence to retrieve a handgun and was near the street. Officers located male and observed him carrying a large Buck knife in a sheath. Stood by during investigation due to possible intoxication and the number of residents gathering on the roadway at that time. No arrests were made regarding the incident.

Jessica Marie Plowman, 27, was cited for inattentive driving resulting from a property damage crash.

Juvenile subjects participated in ringing doorbell at a house at 12700 block of Breckenridge Lane and running away (ding dog ditch). Home owner was extremely upset and chased the juveniles down and called the police. Subjects admitted to the offense. Parents were called to pick up 2 juveniles from the scene, others were also advised of the incident by phone. Juvenile subjects were verbally warned for disorderly conduct.

Officer noticed a vehicle in the park after hours at 13750 Bittersweet Lane. Officers determined there was drug activity taking place. Drug paraphernalia was voluntarily turned over to the police. Cited was Timothy Ryan Tatro, 20.

Sunday, June 2

Burglary of storage unit at 13020 Hawkins Drive. Storage unit contained among other items, numerous boats, campers, enclosed trailers, and vehicles. Space is rented in unit for storage by numerous property owners. Numerous items stolen, and damage to the property inside the building. Property owner attempting to contact renters regarding property.

Officers dispatched to a father reporting his daughter was just dropped of for a custody exchange at 13750 Bittersweet Lane. The father reported the mother was driving drunk with the child in the car. Kelly Marie Nelson, 27, was arrested for DWI and child endangerment and booked into jail.