Dayton Police Report: April 2013

The following is a synopsis of events occurring in Dayton during April 2013.

April 1

16000 block Territorial Road, domestic

13000 block Berkshire Lane, burglary

11000 block Fernbrook Lane, theft

15000 block Dayton River Road, barn fire


April 2

Robinson Street, pain

121st Avenue, garage fire


April 4

15200 block Diamond Lake Road North, hit deer

Burns Drive, residential burglary

Auburn Drive, theft report

12000 block Deerwood Lane, animal complaint

Crestwood Drive, unwanted person


April 6

11000 block 129th Avenue, animal complaint

Auburn Drive, medical

13000 block Diamond Lake Road, civil matter


April 7

18000 block Johnson Street, animal complaint

13000 block Diamond Lake Road, civil matter


April 8

139th Avenue & Jonquil, loud music complaint

152nd Avenue & Brockton Lane, animal complaint

15000 block Brockton Lane, chimney fire


April 9

18000 block Territorial Road, car theft

Kingsview Lane, juvenile problem

Burns Drive, illness

14000 block Rosewood Lane, animal complaint

Stoneridge Road, fall


April 11

18000 block County Road 81, burglary

14000 block Diamond Lake Road, damage to property


April 12

Brockton Lane North & County Road 81, personal injury accident


April 13

County Road 81 & Territorial Road, property damage accident

Dayton River Road, mental problem


April 15

Brockton Lane, personal injury accident

17000 block Dayton River Road, drug overdose


April 16

18000 Robinston Street, vandalism


April 17

12000 Diamond Lake Road, traffic complaint

19000 Block Country Road 81 – Daytona Park, 5th degree assault

Brockton Lane, hit deer


April 18

15000 Brockton Lane, residential alarm

130th Avenue & Pineview, property damage accident

18000 block Diamond Lake Road, property damage accident



April 19

Diamond Lake Road & Xanthus, property damage accident

County Road 81 & Holly Avenue, personal injury accident

Diamond Lake Road, hit mail box


April 20

14000 block Pineview Lane, civil matter

16000 block Diamond Lake Road, civil matter


April 22

17000 block 113th Avenue, civil matter

13000 block Pineview Court, recovered stolen property

Diamond Lake Road & Lawndale, property damage accident


April 23

Diamond Lake Road & Zanzibar, illegal burn

Overlook Road, heart problems


April 24

12000 Balsam Lane, verbal domestic


April 25

13500 block Vinewood Lane, property damage accident


April 26

Gaywood Drive, civil matter


April 27

18000 block Robinson Street, verbal domestic

Dayton River Road & Diamond Lake Road, loose horse


April 28

129th Avenue & Deerwood Lane, property damage accident


April 30

12000 block Stoneridge Road, burglary/suspicious activity

137th Avenue North, pain

Auburn Drive, breathing problems

17000 block 113th Avenue, theft


Dayton police also responded to 49 agency assists, 13 public assists and 57 alarms.