Rogers Police

RogPoliceBadgeThe following contains a sample of calls reported by Rogers Police from Monday, April 29 to Monday, May 6.

Monday, April 29

Officers received information that a party with an active Wright County warrant was at 14255 Jodis Dr. Officers responded and observed a subject run from the driveway into the residence. Officers learned the identity of the subject with the homeowner and confirmed he was the wanted party. Subject eventually came out of the residence and was arrested. Officer then transported the Justin Lee Bieganowski, 28, to transfer custody with a Wright County Deputy. It was later discovered a MN ID in the arrested party’s possession was stolen property out of Buffalo, Minn.

Tuesday, April 30

A witness reported a road rage incident at 141st Avenue and Main Street as a result of driving conduct by the reported vehicle. He requested the matter be investigated and supported prosecution if charges apply. Officer attempted to contact the owner of the business titled to the dump truck and left a message. The Officer will be conducting further followup.

Wednesday, May 1

Anthony James Bolduc, 48, was cited for revoked license at 141st Avenue and Northdale Boulevard.

Michael William Pavolvsky, 33, was cited for suspended license and no insurance at 141st Avenue and Northdale Boulevard.

Off-Duty Plymouth K-9 officer enroute home from work, came upon a motorcycle that was westbound I-94 coming into Rogers that was all over the road, driving on the shoulder, and almost striking several vehicles. Officer attempted to stop the motorcycle and it took off at a high rate of speed. A pursuit began, and ended when the suspect crashed at exit 201 in Albertville. Motorcycle was stolen in Minneapolis earlier same day. Steven Vincent Pierce, 24, was arrested. Suspect was injured-transported to North Memorial in Robbinsdale.

Thursday, May 2

Large structure fire with heavy smoke, utilizing multiple agencies for assistance in Dayton. Road blockages set up, traffic assistance and overall fire assistance conducted by Rogers PD and Rogers Fire.

Sunday, May 5

Officers were dispatch to an unwanted intoxicated female at 21400 John Miless Dr. Female was located inside the business and was removed. Female was placed on an emergency hold.

David Allen Thomas, 46, was arrested for DWI after a single-vehicle crash in the parking lot of Holiday at 13028 Main St.

Bryan Kent Gorby, 35, was cited after an injury crash. Driver admitting that he and his passenger were looking at a map for Cabela’s, and then going through the stop sign. Driver later said that his passenger was looking at the map, and he wasn’t.

Officers were dispatched to shots heard complaint in the 14400 block of Heather Ridge Drive. Officers made contact with the reporting party who stated there was a male walking around the woods with a .22 caliber handgun. Contact was made with possible suspect and was advised of City Ordinance and State Statute.