Maple Grove to officially become ‘Beyond the Yellow Ribbon’ city

Council looks at Spring Brook development

The city of Maple Grove is know on its way to officially becoming a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon City. At the Monday, May 6, Maple Grove City Council meeting the council received the news.

The council also heard a request for the Spring Brook planned unit development (PUD) concept and development stage plan.

Here are some of the meeting’s highlights.



Representative from Beyond the Yellow Ribbon was at the meeting to give the council the news the city is on its way to being proclaimed as Beyond the Yellow Ribbon community. The city received unanimous approval from Minnesota’s Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Board of Review. Because of the approval, the city can officially become a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon city.

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is a program unites all areas within a community to create a comprehensive network that connects and coordinates resources for the purpose of proactive support of service members, veterans and military families. The city began working towards this designation in 2012. The Maple Grove Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Network asks anyone that needs help or knows someone that needs, to contact them.

The entire community is invited to help celebrate at a Proclamation Ceremony Wednesday, July 10, at 7 p.m. at the Maple Grove Town Green.

Councilor Erik Johnson said of the program, “It really goes to serving veterans and their families. Both veterans who are deployed in current conflict and veterans (back to World War II). The city has a role in this, but the really the city’s role is to house the program.”
He added the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program was a network of volunteers and the credit really goes to those people.

Councilor Phil Leith thanked all the volunteers and said he appreciated their time.

Mayor Mark Steffenson thanked the network on behalf of the city. “Thank you for your continued efforts because I know they will be fruitful and will help those veterans and their families.”

Those interested can get more information or help with program by contacting the Maple Grove Beyond the Yellow Ribbon group by calling 612-564-9764, e-mailing [email protected], or visiting Facebook (Maple Grove Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Network).



City Planner Peter Vickerman presented the council with the Spring Brook PUD concept and development stage plan. The development would consist of 14 single-family detached residential lots and be located south of 68th Avenue N. and east of Lawndale Lane.

The site would gain access from 68th Avenue N. and the existing home will be removed from the site.

Wetlands on the site make development a challenge and the applicant requested reducing the setback from 25 feet to 20 feet. This will allow for more trees and other vegetation along the edge of the wetlands to be saved.

Vickerman said a neighbor had a concern of the price point of the homes and that there was a eagle’s nest on the property. “I visited the site and walked it extensively as much as I could without getting into the wetland,” Vickerman said. “It’s pretty tough to miss an eagle’s nest. I didn’t see any signs of an eagle nest.”

Councilor Leith asked if the cul-de-sac on the property was a normal size. Vickerman said it was the standard size and that it the fire department’s standards.

Councilor Karen Jaeger asked what the prices of the homes would be. The applicant said the homes would be in the $500,000 to $800,000 range.

Construction is hoped to begin as soon as possible.

The council unanimously first directed staff to draft an ordinance rezoning the subject property from R-A single-family agricultural to R-2 single-family residential PUD, subject to the filing of the final plat.

The council also unanimously directed the city attorney to draft a resolution approving the PUD concept and development stage plan of Spring Brook, subject to several conditions.



In other action, the council:

AUTHORIZED the city administrator to advertise for and receive sealed bids for a general contractor for construction of phase 2 of the Parkway Transit Station. This transit station is located near the Maple Grove Hospital on Maple Grove Parkway.

PROCLAIMED Tuesday, Aug. 6, as National Night Out in Maple Grove. This year will be the 30th annual National Night Out celebration.