Delano Royalty offers Princess Party

Little Miss applications being accepted

Young girls who have dreamed about being princesses can have their wish fulfilled at a Princess Party, sponsored by the Delano Royalty Organization, from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, May 17. Angela Kalthoff’s Photography Studio will host the event at 1262 Crossings Drive in Delano.

Cost for attending is $25 for a princess who sends an RSVP by Friday, May 10, or $30 for RSVPs received after May 10. Send RSVPs to [email protected] or Delano Royalty, P.O. Box 9, Delano MN 55328.

Young maidens are invited to come dressed as princesses to meet the Delano Royalty Ambassadors and Little Misses. Each princess will receive a Royal gift bag with everything a princess needs, including a photo with the Delano Ambassadors that can be downloaded and printed from an online album. The Delano Royalty also will offer Royal treats, Royal games, Royal dancing and Royal gifts.

Girls entering second grade and living in the Delano School District will have another chance to be a princess via the Delano Royalty Little Miss program. Application deadline is Friday, May 24. The application is available online at

The Little Miss Delano program is part of the Delano Ambassador Program. It focuses on promoting friendship and fun and is not a competition. It should not be confused with a beauty pageant.

In June there will be an early evening meeting with the judges. One girl at a time will sit with judges as they ask her a few questions. Interviews will be informal so the girls can feel comfortable with the judges. Girls will not be judged on the basis of clothing. A nice Sunday dress will be appropriate attire for an interview.

The judges will ask questions such as:

• Why do you want to be a princess?

• Are you excited to wear a dress and crown?

• Would you like ride the float with the Royalty and wave to people watching?

Asking these questions and a few others will help the Delano Royalty to make sure a young girl is excited to be a part of its program and will be a great addition to the Delano Royal Ambassadors. The judges will choose two girls to be crowned Little Miss, and the girls will be crowned at the main coronation event this year.

If crowned, the girls are required only to be in the Delano 4th of July Parade, riding on the Royalty float with the older girls, and any other appearances are up to the Little Misses. They also will be invited to attend other parades such as those in Rockford, Buffalo, Montrose, and other communities. Attending these parades will be the choice of the Little Miss and her parents or guardians. They will be responsible for getting the Little Miss to a parade, chaperoning her until she is on the float ready for the parade to start, and chaperoning her when the parade is over. The Delano Royalty also might ask a Little Miss to attend other community events so she can learn about volunteering.

For information, contact Bethany Locklear at [email protected] or 612-716-7641 and Anna Arens at [email protected] or 763-592-9770.