Corcoran sifts through potential projects list

Hears administrator search update

The Corcoran City Council reviewed a list of 2013 potential projects for Tax Increment Financing (TIF) expenditures.

The council also heard about the timeline and process to hire a new administrator.



TIF consultant Kirstin Barsness was present to help lead discussion, along with city planner Kendra Lindahl and city engineer Vince VanderTop.

Barsness specializies in TIF and economic development.

VanderTop and Lindahl presented background about TIF project information. They noted that the council requested additional information for potential TIF-eligible projects for an estimated $1.8 million in TIF funds available. Funds must be allocated before the TIF district is decertified at the end of the year.

Staff said the additional information includes: description of tasks and costs for transportation planning; planning effort of updating the Zoning Code Design Guidelines; sewer data and figures to show areas served for two lift station locations; and table of projected costs and fund balance.

For transportation, the scope of work includes focusing on the area north of downtown and the County Rds. 116/10 intersection, as well as County Rds. 10/50 scenarios. Potential roadways and intersections include Meister Road, signalized intersections at County Rd. 116 of Mester Road, city hall and County Rd. 10; and alignment corrections and alignment east of County Rds. 116 and 10.

The next transportation area includes the “East/West Corridor.”

“This (corridor) work focuses on the components common to the two different County Rds. 10/50 scenarios,” staff’s memo said. “This scope builds off the County Rds. 10/116 alignment task, and brings into discussion the ultimate alignment of County Rd. 10.”

Staff said the end product may not be an actual official map of County Rd. 10, “Rather, the identification of a preferred alignment, typical sections and right-of-way width would guide future planning and development.”

The next area was design guidelines. Staff’s work plan includes preparation of a new downtown master plan and associated design guidelines in conjunction with the transportation planning efforts.

Next on the lists were lift station locations and downtown sewer exposure. Staff noted that prior discussion centered on a lift station to serve the downtown area, green space on Schutte and Schendel properties, and also potential park or Rockford School District improvements.

“Further discussion could involve the exposure of public or private needs, existing users (downtown and Corcoran Trail loop) vs. undeveloped (Schutte and Schendel propertis),” staff said.

Lastly, the council reviewed the list of project costs. They include: Hwy. 55 infrastructure planning reimbursement, $100,000; transportation planning, $60,000; East/West Transportation Corridor, $80,000; property acquisition, $175,000; design guidelines, $20,000; lift station and water to park area, $500,000; and sewer stub to Commerce Street and County Rd. 10, $40,000.

City administrator Dan Donahue said the Mayor and council took no further action at this time. “We’ll take all those ideas, put them in follow up document and the city council from there will choose what they want to do,” he said.




In other news, the council heard from administrator search consultant Richard Fursman about his scope of work.

Fursman said the process is in three phases. The first phase is to profile what the council wants in this position. This includes an interview with the city council, and then developing a profile that would be approved at the March 28 council meeting. If approved, administrator recruiting would occur March 29.

The next phase relates to recruitment and screening, with an April 28 deadline for application, May 16 city council selection of top five candidates, and May 17 consultant to notify finalists and others of status.

The third phase (late May) includes candidate interviews with the council. Fursman would conduct finalists’ background and reference check, prepare interview questions, consult in preparation of final interviews, and lastly, assist in selection of the next city administrator, contract draft and negotiations.

Administrator Donahue, who is retiring, said, “We’re trying to figure out what it is the city wants, what do they want to see in the abilities of the new administrator? We’ll have a draft for the council meeting March 28, then if the council approves the profile, Fursman begins recruiting.”


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