Loretto to see updated redevelopment plan

Plans for marketing the redevelopment area in downtown Loretto are starting to pick up steam.

The Loretto City Council has discussed the topic for two meetings in row. Unapproved minutes from the Council’s Feb. 12 meeting say that the council is likely to hear from the Redevelopment Committee Tuesday, March 12 about an updated Redevelopment Action Plan. Also on March 12, Redevelopment Committee member Clark Lohr is expected to describe what would be involved with a proposed Phase 1 environmental site assessment.

Meanwhile, at its Feb. 12 meeting, the City Council authorized $720 to pay for 250 marketing brochures plus postage. The council also learned that the proposed Phase 1 environmental assessment would cost an estimated $2,100. City Councilors asked City Clerk Travis Rosin to check into sources of funds.

A Phase 1 assessment would include looking over old maps of the proposed redevelopment area, which spans five properties situated side by side on the west side of County Road 19. The area begins at the corner of West Railway Street and stretches to the north. The map research would be used to determine what uses previously were located on the five properties. Then in a Phase 2 environmental site assessment investigators would look to see what, if any, impacts the previous land uses might have had on current conditions at the site.

In related action on Feb. 12, the City Council approved a request for renewal of the interim use permit (IUP) for Empire Cycle, which is located on one of the five properties in the proposed redevelopment area. After a public hearing, owners Adam Cerny and Eric Riley received an IUP with a 10-year time limit.

The City Council debated the issue of how long the IUP should last. One option was terminating the IUP based upon sale or transfer of the property on which Empire Cycle sits or upon Empire Cycle going out of business. However, City Councilors preferred an IUP with an ending date and decided to set it for 10 years from the date of issuance.

Loretto City Councilors also took up other business on Feb. 12. Here are some meeting highlights.



The Rev. Keith Robinson, pastor of Riverwood Covenant Church in Greenfield, invited people in Loretto to participate in Riverwood’s service day on May 5. The church’s mission is to gather 1,000 people for 50 service projects in the area. People can help in three ways — by donating money, by sponsoring a project or by finding a person or family in need within the community.

The City Council decided that Loretto will share brochures about the Riverwood service day with interested city residents. The cities of Greenfield and Rockford have agreed to participate in the service day. Riverwood Church has set a deadline in early March for submitting projects.



The City Council decided to support the Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission (LMCC) as the sole representative for the 17 LMCC members in negotiations for renewing the LMCC’s franchise agreement with Mediacom. The agreement expires at the end of this year.

The city of Medina has discussed negotiating directly with Mediacom in order to expedite building of cable infrastructure for residents and businesses in under served rural areas of the city. This cable build out would bring them access to broadband and high speed internet.



HEARD a presentation from North Memorial, which has an emergency responder truck dedicated to the Loretto area. North Memorial uses no public funds to provide this service to the public. Average response time in Loretto is 10.5 minutes. North Memorial relies greatly on first responders through fire departments and other area agencies.

LEARNED that Loretto Fun Fest is being planned for Saturday, Sept. 14, at Loretto Lions Park. Until last year, Fun Fest was held at the Loretto ball fields on County Road 19.

APPROVED attendance of City Clerk Rosin and Office Assistant/Treasurer Mary Schneider at the Clerks Institute, to be held by the Minnesota Clerks and Finance Officers Association from April 22 to 26.