LETTER: What do we need all that for? Tech ‘inequities’ not the problem

To the Editor:

I read the front page article in the Feb. 28 Sun Post about District 279 technology with incredulity. No wonder our school budgets continue to increase and we taxpayers are constantly asked to approve additional levies! A “classroom amplification system”? Seriously? For all grades and all classrooms? I know I’m old, but aren’t teachers still capable of raising their voices? And a projector and Wi-Fi in every room? What is wrong with a projector on a cart that is shared between classrooms?

It’s nice to be up-to-date, but let’s get our priorities straight.

Private schools have to be more frugal with their money, so they focus on the basics. And their results are superior. We should look at their best practices and emulate them.

The “inequities” are less between schools within the district than they are between today’s schools and those of 50 years ago! Or between U.S. schools and those of dozens of other countries today.

The educational establishment has demanded and received more and more money over the years, and the results have gotten worse and worse. Unbelievably, the answer from the administrators is to tell us that they need more money! What was that definition of insanity?

Scott McCullough

Brooklyn Park